An impaws-ible friendship: Young photographer captures the heartwarming bond between her pet duck and German Shepherd

  • Since day One, Duck Lemony and German Shepherd Vendetta the best of friends
  • The duck and dog do everything together, from naps to swimming to cuddles
  • Are so inseparable that owner Natasha decided to make a photo series on them 

Sometimes the most beautiful friendships are the ones you don’t expect. 

Natasha, a 18 year-old French photographer, has captured the wholesome bond between her German Shepherd Vendetta, three, and her one-year-old Indian runner duck Lemony

The two animals have been pals since 2018, when Lemony, then a duckling, joined Natasha’s family farm. The little duckling quickly took to following the massive dog around. 

The dog and the duck play and nap together and will cuddle and go for swims. They are sometimes joined by Natasha’s pigeon Pilgrim and Grisella. 

The young woman, who combines her love of animals with photography hopes to show that ducks can be sensitive animals, not just food. 

Lemony the Duck and Vendetta having a little swim. Their owner Natasha hopes to show ducks can have feelings too 

As Lemony loves water, Vendetta the Shepherd goes for swim with his duck pal as often as possible (pictured) 

Unexpected friendship. Lemony (left) and Vendetta (right) have been the best of friends since 2018

Model friendship. Vendetta may be a big dog, but Lemony is not afraid of her furry friend and loves to hang out 

The pair are inseparable and spend their time together. As a duckling, Lemony took to following Vendetta around and never stopped 


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