Godzilla: King of the Monsters spoilers ahead. In the event that the world is under attack from a group of giant ancient monsters called Titans, Millie Bobby Brown knows what she’ll do: fight back. Without hesitating she says she’d do the same thing her Godzilla: King of the Monsters character, Maddie Russell, does in the film. Instead of just sitting there and waiting for adults — some of whom are very morally questionable — to figure things out, Maddie takes matters into her own hands, attempting to calm a bunch of Titans and save the planet from destruction herself.

Battling monsters isn’t anything new for Brown, she’s been doing it since 2016 on Stranger Things, but the sequel to 2014’s Godzilla is, somewhat surprisingly, her very first film role. "It was so much fun. I had a blast," the 15-year-old actor tells me over the phone. "We had a lot more time do to the movie compared to TV, which, obviously, is a bit more fast paced."

Brown says she wasn’t that familiar with Godzilla’s lengthy history going into the movie, but that it worked out well since her character "isn’t that knowledgable" and "grows with the movie," too.

Maddie is the daughter of Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), a scientist who works with Monarch, the secret government organization that studies the Titans, and Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler), an animal expert who separated from Emma after their son died in the huge battle shown in Godzilla.

King of the Monsters jumps right into the action, five years after the events of Godzilla. We don’t get a ton of backstory on Maddie or what her interests are when the world isn’t in monster-fueled peril, so Brown came up with her own background for the character.

"I always like to create that before I start the project," she says. "So she’s a regular girl. She goes to school. She’s extremely close to her dad, but really close with her mom. She’s gained over the separation that [her parents] have, a really close relationship and friendship with her mom."

Brown notes that while divorce is an issue many people can relate to, that part, for her, was "difficult to portray." She adds, "But I could relate to [Maddie] on the level of strength and empowerment."

This might be Brown’s first film role, but her next few are already lined up. As reported by Variety, she’ll star in Enola Holmes, based on the young adult book series by Nancy Springer about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister. And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she’s also set to star in the adaption of The Thing About Jellyfish, another YA novel.

Then there’s the next Godzilla movie, Godzilla vs. Kong, scheduled for a Mar. 13, 2020 release. "You actually get to see Maddie’s backstory," Brown says of the film. She adds of her character, "She gets sassier by the day."

Since Maddie came into contact with some of the monsters in King of the Monsters, it’s only natural to wonder if she’ll actually meet the giant ape, too.

"I can’t tell yooouuuu!" Brown emphasizes. "I don’t want to spoil it for you."

…which probably means that this brave young girl just might come face-to-face with King Kong.

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