While the powerhouse Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback may be off the field due to an injury to his middle finger, Russell Wilson took to social media last week to show off a major millionaire moment. In celebrating pop star and wife Ciara’s thirty-ninth birthday, the football champ rented out the entire top section of the city’s famous Space Needle just for the two of them. Sure, being one of the NFL’s biggest star players would certainly come with its perks and favors, but the larger-than-life surprise must have cost Wilson a pretty penny.

Though, whatever the price, it probably wouldn’t even make a dent in the Super Bowl titleholder’s massive eight-figure fortune. From a four-year extension deal with the Seahawks that sees him making a $35 million yearly salary and around $9 million through endorsements, Wilson’s net worth is said to be around $135 million. With a smashing 10,210 square foot home in Bellevue and a huge collection of luxury cars, Wilson’s definitely living the lifestyle of a millionaire athlete at the top of his game.

A $6 Million Mansion

When you think of the most successful players of the NFL, one of the first things that come to mind is how filthy rich they’ve become from their decades of dominating the field. Wilson is no exception, and his skyrocketing wealth has garnered him a dashingly luxurious abode to match an eight-figure salary.

Nestled in Bellevue, only a skip and hop from the big city of Seattle, Wilson and his family live out their lives in a massive 10,210 square foot mansion. According to Velvet Tropes, the 6.67 acre home was purchased back in 2014 for the price of $6.7 million dollars. Though, throughout their seven years of owning the property, there have been around fourteen separate county documents reporting Wilson and Ciara’s many improvements to the home.

The seven-bedroom/seven-bathroom mansion is head-to-toe stocked with the most extravagant amenities. Bespoke chandeliers adorn the ceiling of their custom kitchen, which comes with a walk-in pantry. Five different fireplaces are scattered across the mansion, along with skylights on the roof that welcome the sun’s rays into the spaces.

The Wilson’s enjoy a number of top-of-the-line features that the mansion holds. While it comes with a lux home theatre and a private dock within a waterfront property, many would say that the home’s piece of resistance is its massive wine cellar. It holds up to two thousand bottles! Perfect for a star-studded party.

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A Mercedes And More

With the massive endorsements from titan companies like Amazon, Alaska Air Group, and Larson Automotive Group, Wilson certainly has some extra cash to splurge on the joys of affluence. What better way to spend his boundless wealth than on luxury cars. Like most pro athletes, this football victor has a plethora of fancy vehicles to his name.

Upon signing his initial deal with the Seahawks back in 2015, Wilson bought his first car – an Audi. His wealth has significantly grown since then, and his assembly of expensive automobiles has come a long way as well.

If you were to be so lucky as to witness this NBA star’s garage, the first car that would probably catch your eye is his $135,000 Mercedes Benz G-Class. Often called ‘the G-Wagon’, the G-Class was initially developed as a vehicle for military operations, though a civilian model was later released. Wilson took the liberty of adding his own custom upgrade to the car. His Mercedes comes equipped with its very own voice recognition system to ward off robbers. Though, if anything does happy to his precious car, he’s got anti-theft insurance just in case!

A Forward On The Field, A CEO Behind The Scenes

Like most top professional sportsmen, Wilson doesn’t have all his eggs in on one hatch. Along with dominating the field, he’s also made a number of business expenditures that ultimately make him a fortune!

Wilson currently owns West2East Empire, a brand management and production company. Back in 2019, the company produced a commercial called ‘Winner Stays’ for launching Nike’s release of the newest shoe.

Earlier this year, Wilson and Ciara signed a deal with Amazon TV to produce a number of projects through their Prime platform. Production will be operated through the couples production company, Why Not You Productions. Wilson’s companionship with former CEO Jeff Bezos could have brought him this massive opportunity. Back in 2017, Bezos became an investor in Wilson’s social media platform, TraceMe.

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