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Letting others see you have the courage of your convictions will serve you well. It should be fun to experiment with different pastimes and activities and to visit new places. A charity auction or antique emporium could throw up something wonderful at an equally amazing price.


Sometimes the only way to wind down is to get away from familiar surroundings. You’re finding it hard to switch off. If you work from home, you can’t relax knowing there is so much to do. If you have brought your wok home with you, you’re always aware it is there waiting to be done.


Entertainment with a bit of challenge will get your vote, whether it is a sports match, quiz evening, entering a competition or any other event that allows you to use your quick brain and keeps you active. A spontaneous decision could lead to something delightfully romantic if you are single.


A wedding invitation, travel invite or arranging a surprise party will give you a great excuse to buy something new for your wardrobe. Sharing activities with your partner and family will strengthen bonds. You enjoy your independence while valuing friendships. Relationships that allow you all room to grow and change will be ideal for you.


There’s a playful feel to a group project. Although the work is serious, you are still having fun. The simplicity of this project is what has captured your interest. Now you have a chance to turn ideas into reality and this makes you feel useful and appreciated.


Everything up until today has been a series of hypothetical questions that need answered. You have reached a point now when you can put ideas and plans together and this is the moment when a planned project starts to become real for you.


Ideally you will want to get out and about and meet up with friends. It will be mixing with people socially that will bring you plenty to smile about. If you haven’t any such plans you could do something positive to alter the fact. Home entertaining, no matter how modest, will go down well.


Rearranging social plans or a first date might initially seem like an inconvenience but it will work out that this suits other people too, when they also have other things to see to. Before you know it you will be spending a lot of your time with one special person.


If circumstances aren’t complicated enough there will be another twist in events later today. All is not as it seems and you could discover you have put too much trust in someone who isn’t as reliable as they look. Jumping to conclusions could cause further confusion.


Just because someone makes a suggestion or two it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate your work, your skills or your knowledge. Sharing ideas can sometimes help make a good job even better. You will get a lot of satisfaction out of finding new ways to improve your performance. Stay open minded.


You may still be paying for subscription services you used during lockdown that you don’t have time for anymore. This would be a good time to look at how you can save but still keep a degree of pleasure in your life. Take a look at package deals and be sure to check the small print of the different options.


Count to ten when you feel yourself getting angry. Your emotions could get the better of you in a stressful situation. It isn’t an ideal time to keep pushing if you and a friend or relative cannot see eye to eye. New arguments over the same subjects are triggered.

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