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No matter how old their child gets, most mums still worry about their kids – regardless of how responsible and adult they are.

But for Lindsay Grace, dozing off and forgetting to charge her phone caused her mum to panic so much the parent called the police because she thought she was dead.

Many people have now said that the parent is “chaotic” and needs to cut the “umbilical cord” to her grown-up child.

Lindsay Grace has now taken to TikTok to share her ordeal which made her believe she was being broken into in the middle of the night – although it was just the police checking in.

In the clip, Lindsay explained that she fell asleep “peacefully” but forgot to put her mobile phone on charge so the battery died without her realising.

As she was sleeping, her mum started to become “worried” and told her other daughter that her phone calls were going straight to her Lindsay’s voicemail and her location was also off.

The sister tried to reassure the mum that everything was okay, she said: “I bet she fell asleep and her phone died, she’s fine.”

Although the sister had predicted the situation correctly – she planted a concerning seed in her mother’s mind.

Lindsay’s sister expressed: “But if something did happen to her, we only have 24 hours to find her.”

The mum then ‘panicked’ and called the police to check up on Lindsay – and at this point she was safely asleep in bed.

To put her mind at ease, the police visited Lindsay's place.

But, she was not expecting anyone to come by her house at that time.

Lindsay explained: “Me waking up to banging on my door at 2am scared to death thinking a bad guy is trying to break in and kill me.”

Mistaking the police for a potential murderer, Lindsay then ended up calling the police herself – although they were the ones knocking on her door.

She called the emergency services once her phone switched on and then hid in the corner whilst armed with a baseball bat, as she shook in horror.

Luckily, the caller informed Lindsay that she was not in fact being broken into but had police outside her door worried for her welfare.

Lindsay then started to piece the bizarre incident together when she realised she had a barrage of texts from her mum.

After she replied to the worried texts from her mum, the parent declared: “I thought you were dead. Your location is off, it’s going straight to email.

“I love you honey.”

Well at least she meant well!

Lindsay captioned the clip: “Last night was a thriller for sure.”

Concerned by the mother’s reaction, many people fled to the comments to urge Lindsay to set some boundaries between her and her mum.

One person criticised: “Your mum needs to cut the umbilical cord. Jesus.”

Another user slammed: “Umm. Mum would no longer have access to my location.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Your family is chaotic and I love it.”

However, others praised the mum for being protective of Lindsay and thinking of the best interests of her daughter.

One person commented: “As a mum, I get it.”

Someone else expressed: “You're really lucky to have someone always making sure you're safe.”

And, this person shared: “You’re so blessed. Everyone deserves a mum like this.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the mum’s reaction – did she go over the top?

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