DEAR DEIDRE: I HATE myself for having sex with household appliances.

I know it sounds strange, but I needed to know what it felt like.

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I’d seen these crazy guys online having sex with household items, like electric toothbrushes and their washing machines.

My mates were all having a laugh about these videos but my curiosity got the better of me, so I ended up trying out some different appliances.

But ever since, I’ve been riddled with guilt and disgust.

Other people don’t do these kinds of things. What on earth would my friends say if they knew?

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My anxiety and guilt have got so bad that I’m now on antidepressants. I’m also drinking more than I should.

But it’s the only way to drown out the nagging voice in my head, telling me that I’ve got something wrong with me. I’m 26.

DEIDRE SAYS: Rather than dwelling on the past, it would be best to try to accept what’s happened and move on.

Be kind to yourself – you didn’t hurt anyone or do anything illegal.

It’s also a private matter, so no one else needs to know.

I’m sending you my support packs on Anxiety and Guilt, but it might also help to speak to your GP about how you’re feeling.

They may be able to get you some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which will teach you how to cope when your anxiety hits.

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