It is common belief many think that because twins look the same they will naturally grow up to act like each other and have strikingly similar lives.

However, for Justine and her twin sister Vez they have proven that just because they were both in the womb together it does not mean they are the same.

And, some people cannot believe they are even related.

In a viral TikTok clip, Justine first shared a snap of the pair when they were small children as they donned their school uniform.

The light brown haired sisters both had the same cute smile and had their hair up as they wore the matching educational attire.

Justine wrote in the video: “POV: Your parents raised two very different twin sisters.”

Fast forward to now, the sisters look nothing alike.

Vez now rocks a punk themed look as she sports short electric green hair, thin framed glasses and an array of tattoos inked onto her body.

The neon haired sister also fronts a punk-rock band called the ‘Wonk Unit’ as she was pictured performing on stage with a green tie-up mini skirt.

However, Justine’s style is a far cry from her twins.

Justine has long brown tresses and does not appear to have a tattoo in sight as she has opted for a more natural look.

The sister practices pole which strengthens her core and also works as an A&E nurse.

She also wears a natural makeup which highly differs from her sister’s bold punk look.

Justine giggled in the caption: “She’s definitely the more interesting one."

The nurse then shared another clip of her and her sister after viewers became ‘curious’ as to what the pair look like together.

Although the pair have very different styles, the duo sizzled as they posed in some skin tight dresses.

Justine opted for a red stain mini dress, whilst Vez went for a long purple strapless number.

Taken aback, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the twins.

One person commented: “How are you both so different but the same simultaneously, love it.”

Another user added: “The twin ain’t twinin'.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Too different but too beautiful.”

Someone else noted: “Two different lifestyle choices.”

And, a fifth person declared: “You both are immaculate as per usual.”

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