A woman has confessed she had gone above and beyond to make her ex boyfriend jealous.

She shared pictures exclusively with him and pretended she was out hooking up with other people.

Allie called herself the "unhinged ex" when she went through a bad relationship in 2018 and she realised she had developed an extreme behaviour to get her ex boyfriend's attention.

But now she's grown out of the phase and decided to share with her viewers by rating the "embarrassing things" she did in the past.

She said: "I would hide my Instagram Story from every single person that followed me except my ex boyfriend, so say I have 400 followers, I would hide it from 399 people except for him.

"I would post a Story literally only for him to see it."

She shared a selfie that she took back in New Year's Eve in 2018 – she gave a 10 out of 10 for putting "maximum effort" in the photo.

"I put on this cute, newsy outfit, saying I am ready to this year to be over but I actually did not go out that night," Allie said.

"I put on this outfit, put on jewellery, did my makeup, put on the heels to take this photo and then I went down and sat with my mum and sister on the sofa and was probably asleep before midnight.

"But I made it to look like I was about to go out and go party."

Next she showed a photo taken in a very dark background, trying to convince her ex boyfriend that she was out at a club.

But Allie said: "I was actually in my closet with all the lights off, trying to make sure it looked very dark.

"I don't know how I thought that one was going to look like I'm legitimately in a club but I'd give it a seven out of 10 because the execution was poor."

In the third picture, she tried to show a small injury she had on her forehead.

She posted a story of an Uber driver asking her "what happened to your head".

Allie reviewed the post and found it ridiculous on reflection.

She added: "I'm sorry in what world an Uber driver would notice that tiny scrape on someone at the backseat of their car?

"But the point there was I want him to think that I'm hooked up with somebody and I was heading home in early morning."

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The post went viral and many viewers confessed that they had done the same thing in the past.

"Absolutely unhinged, I did the same and if he didn't view it in that 24 hours, I'd upload it again so that the 24 hours can restart," one said.

A second wrote: "Yes but I would also look up on YouTube 'people talking' and play music at the same time."

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