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Grace is a 19-year-old lingerie barista from the US who serves men coffee while scantily clad.

While she loves her job and the life it’s been able to provide her, she hates the creepy comments her customers make.

“Men can be disgusting and have absolutely no filter when they come through,” she told the Daily Star.

“They will ask you to flash them and when you say no get mad and not tip you.”

As well as this, she is frustrated by the assumptions people make about her job.

“People don’t understand that I just make coffee and provide a good conversation,” Grace said.

“They assume that because of my outfit I must be doing something else in there which gives me and many other bikini baristas a bad image.”

She has had men offer her money for sex, with one young man offering for her to take his virginity for $20, which she declined.

Grace is adamant that she doesn't sleep with clients and never plans to either, no matter how much money they offer.

The 19-year-old has also had an awkward interaction with one customer in particular.

“I began seeing my friends from high school parents at my stand, which was extremely awkward,” she revealed.

“My friend's dad began paying me hundreds of dollars to make sure I didn’t tell his daughter and family he was coming through to get coffee from me.

“He eventually stopped when he realised I wouldn’t do more but make him coffee. To this day I haven’t told anyone whose dad it was.”

Grace previously told the Daily Star that her job involves more effort than just looking pretty.

“The ideal bikini barista is expected to show up to work extremely presentable, with hair, makeup, and attitude on,” she said.

“We wear either small bikinis or lingerie in a small coffee shop, where people drive through to order coffee or any other drinks we serve like teas, energy drinks and smoothies.

“There is a lot more to it than just making coffee half-naked though. Keeping a bubbly personality, positive attitude and continuing conversation with every customer is another part of the job that not everyone realises.”

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