A chip shop worker was caught in camera squirting ketchup and threatening to stab two female customers.

Shocking footage filmed by one of the two women captured her friend locked in a vicious quarrel with a worker who is standing behind the counter before she spits at him face.

She can be heard shouting: "I don't give a f***. I'll shove it up your a** and chuck it in your mouth you little p****!

"Listen pu***! Get round here now! I'm going to find my husband!"

The worker grabbed a bottle of ketchup and chased her to the doors when she was about to leave the Mr Cod fish and chip shop in Slough, Berkshire.

He then pointed the ketchup bottle at the customer and started shooting the sauce out whilst swearing at them.

The two women screamed in disbelief and yelled: "Oh my god! Watch what happens to you!

"The feds are coming! The police are coming!"

Meanwhile a co-worker came forward and tried to calm down his colleague and get him back into the shop but the man retaliated and shouted: "Suck your mum!"

The three individuals continue ferociously arguing with one another.

The woman shouts at him: “It’s going to pop off now! It’s going to pop off now! It’s going to pop off now!

“Get out of my f***ing face! Get out of my face! Rudeboy get out of my face!”

The male employee approaches the pair with the bottle of tomato sauce in hand and threatens them back.

He yells: “Listen what’s going to pop off? What going to pop off? Well try! I will shank you if you try anything! I will shank you!”

The women continue shrieking: “We’re chicks! We’re chicks! So when we call man for you, you’re just going to stand there?”

To this, the chip shop worker dares them: “Well call the man then!” and the footage cuts to an end.

It is unknown why or when the altercation took place but the clip was being shared across social media last week.

Thames Valley Police and Mr Cod fish and chips have been contacted for comment. 

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