• To celebrate the holiday season, has created a particularly tricky Christmas brainteaser.
  • It takes the average person just over a minute to find Santa's hat on this present.
  • Can you beat that time?
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Queue up the Christmas carols and whip out your magnifying glass to try and solve the latest puzzle from

According to website, most people can't find Santa's hat hiding in this wrapping paper in under a minute. In fact, the average time is 1 minute and 3 seconds.

Here's the full puzzle.

It's hiding somewhere.
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Do you spot St. Nick's classic hat?

Need a hint? 

Look on the left side of the present.

Still having trouble?

OK, ready for the magnifying glass?

Here's where Santa's hat was hiding.

Did you find it?
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Did you solve the puzzle, or did you need the help of a Christmas miracle to find Santa's jolly hat?

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