A stunning Instagram model has vowed to ignore "disgusting" men who sent her rude messages.

Pani, who admits she's "lost count" of how much plastic surgery she's had done, feels much more confident about her appearance nowadays.

The 28-year-old, who was born in Iran, but now lives in Stuttgart, Germany, often shares sexy snaps with the 258,000 fans on her @mrsgoodlifepani page.

And, the fashion and beauty influencer even launched her own retail line in 2019.

Pani told the Daily Star: “I started posting pictures on Instagram as a hobby in 2014.

“After a year into it I got so many collaboration and modelling requests that ever since then Instagram was my full time job.”

While Pani's globe-trotting lifestyle looks glamorous, it does have its downfalls.

She explained: “The difficult part it getting used to being criticised or hated by strangers.

“After years it’s still not that easy to deal with negativity on social media but luckily I experience way more love than hate.

“My career is very much lucrative, otherwise I would not have given up a secure and good job. But, obviously that was a very risky and big step but life is all about taking risks in order to grow.

“I needed this. But, that’s not to forget, being self-employed looks fun and all but it’s a 24/7 job. No days off.

“Still, I’m thankful for my life everyday!”

And, curvy Pani admits she’s invested in plastic surgery to get her dream bod.

The beauty said: “It’s no secret that I had a lot of things done – I’m very open about that.

“I first started with fillers when I turned 21.

“I had fillers in my lips, jawline and cheeks. Botox in forehead and brows.”

She continued: “Years after I had thread lifts in my jawline and cheeks instead of fillers and, obviously, I got a breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift.

“I can’t really tell how much I’ve spent on fillers and surgeries – it was A LOT!”

When asked why she went through with so much cosmetic surgery, Pani explained: “I can see it’s hard for a lot of people to understand why someone would change their appearance so drastically over the years.

“To be honest I was just not happy with my looks.

“I literally wanted a nose job when I was 16 but being so young doctors suggested me to wait a few years. Being aware of all the risks I still made these decisions and I couldn’t be happier today”

She added: “Of course I don’t encourage anyone to get plastic surgery. Everyone has to decide for themselves.

“I think if you’re truly unhappy with something e.g. your nose and you have the possibility to change that – why not?

“If it makes you feel better, more confident or less insecure than go for it. Just be aware of the consequences and risks.

“Getting fillers or plastic surgery is not a day at the spa!”

Pani’s friends and family are very supportive of her career including her partner who she met in 2015.

She states that her partner is her “soulmate”, but this doesn’t stop men from messaging her on social media.

Pani said: “I get tons of odd sometimes very disgusting messages from men but I don’t really care.

“Inappropriate messages get blocked right away.”

The bombshell widened her career several years ago by launching her own fashion line.

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She told us: “Wifey Supply was founded by me in 2018. Before being an influencer I worked at a huge fashion company and had the privilege to experience developing products with some great designers.

“Ever since then I imagined myself being a brand owner and create my own fashion pieces to make every woman feel beautiful and confident.

“Still very surreal to me seeing others wear my designs.

“I pay a lot of attention to high quality and unique designs. You can’t imagine how long it takes to finalise a product. It takes months!”

She added: “I’m incredibly thankful to be able to do what I love everyday and make my customers all around the world happy.

“Hard work always pays off!”

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