Rolls Royce’s Boat Tail convertible is said to be the priciest car known to man and its only fitting that the king and queen of the music industry would have it in their possession. Though the purchase is still mere here say, the car would certainly go well with the power couple’s already stacked garage of luxury vehicles

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Commissioned this week to an anonymous buyer, the Boat Tail was revealed to be Rolls Royce’s most ambition endeavor yet. The blue dream car comes with all sorts of top of the line amenities. Among those, the most notable and extravagant may be a rear deck equipped with a picnic set and double refrigerators.

The Daily Mail points out that the fridge is set to 6C to fit,  “the precise temperature required for the owner’s favorite Armand de Brigand.” The rumor mill puts this anecdote into play of the speculations seeing as how Jay-Z recently sold his 50% stake of Möet Hennessy – the company which makes said champagne.

The larger than life car come at a hefty price of $28 million!

While Rolls Royce has yet reveal who the secret shopper of this car is, a credible industry source took to The Telegraph to ditch the dirt.

“It’s thought this fantastic car has been commissioned by Beyoncé and Jay Z,” says the source, “with all its detailing matching their favorite things.”

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While some may scoff at the car’s enormous price tag, its value is based on it being truly one a kind.

Aside from its Coachbuild construction which can be seen in previous Royce cars like the Phantom limo, the Boat Tail was built almost entirely from scratch. The model seem a to be intended as a one off for its lucky owner.

The Boat Tail was the first vehicle to be produced by Royce’s new company boutique headquarters in Goodwood, Sussex. Though, it was built in the backroads of the French Riveria, a location that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are known to commonly frequent.

Another addition to this dazzling 5.8 meter long car are the two-sided timepieces from the Bovet 1822. These have duel function as they can be worn or used as car clocks.

The magnitude of this car is massive, with a price worthy of 40 Phantom limos of the same manufacturer! As Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been the hottest names in the music industry for decades, the rumors of them having the Boat Tail commissioned aren’t that far fetched.

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