Alex Rodriguez gifted Jennifer Lopez with a very expensive ring when they got engaged two years ago. Now that the A-listers have officially called it quits, fans are wondering what will happen to the jewelry.

TMZ confirmed that the engagement ring is still with Lopez. And it would be entirely up to her if she wants to give it back to Rodriguez.

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Over a decade ago, Lopez returned the $2.5 million engagement ring that Ben Affleck gave to her after they ended their romance. So, there are some speculations that she would do the same with Rodriguez.

Guy A. Rub, a law professor at the Ohio State University, said that most couples consider engagement rings as a conditional gift because it is given with the condition of marriage.

“If the marriage doesn’t materialize, the expectation is to return it [especially if it’s a family heirloom],” he told Yahoo! News.

The law professor also said that the cause of the split doesn’t dictate whether the engagement ring should be returned.

“We don’t ask who is at fault because relationships are too nuanced and complicated,” he said.

Rub added that there’s also another condition to returning the ring. If it was given over the holidays, the court would need to determine if it’s intended as a Christmas gift or as an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, clinical psychologist Donna Rockwell also weighed in on the matter by saying that there’s a downside to keeping the engagement ring after a breakup. She said that it could prevent the person holding on to the ring from moving on.

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Just days before Lopez and Rodriguez announced their split in a joint statement, there were reports that their relationship was finally back on track. Hollywood Life reported that the power couple had decided to work on their relationship because they love each other deeply.

“It’s not been an easy road, but they are committed to it. Their lives are so intertwined in their businesses and with the kids that it was really worth it to them to put in the work and make it happen,” the source said.

However, the claims are obviously incorrect. In their joint statement, Lopez and Rodriguez said that realized that being friends is what’s best for them.

They also said that they will continue to work together because they just businesses and partnerships at stake.

Prior to the announcement, Rodriguez was accused of cheating on Lopez with multiple women. He has denied the claims, but it’s possible that this was the deal-breaker for Lopez.

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Source: TMZ, Yahoo! News

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