Kate McKinnon Impersonated Reese Witherspoon in N.Y.C. and People Were Fooled

Even if your pop culture arsenal is limited, you probably know who Reese Witherspoon is — I mean, who hasn’t seen (or at least run across GIFs from) Legally Blonde?

That being said, apparently at least a few New Yorkers have face blindness.

In a recent episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner introduced unsuspecting bystanders to a lemon-print dress clad Kate McKinnon, masquerading as Reese Witherspoon, and several people took the bait.

One woman asked “Reese” the meaning of life, to which McKinnon gave some surely Witherspoon-approved advice (in a charming Southern accent): "It is tough to tell in this heat y'all. I think be yourself, just love who you love."

One man, who shared a mutual friend with the IRL Reese, actually invited the SNL star to dinner. A couple others saw through Eichner’s ruse, but the number of people fooled by a summer dress-wearing McKinnon was frankly astounding.

C’mon, New Yorkers, take a Sunday and binge Big Little Lies — Reese (and probably Kate, too) will thank you.

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