Golden State Warriors got their revenge on the Toronto Raptors – and rapper Drake – as they levelled up the NBA finals with a much-needed win on Sunday night.

The defending champions dug in and delivered a dogged team performance, and inspired third quarter, to claim a 109-104 victory at the Scotiabank Arena.

Once again, Toronto-born rapper turned Raptors global ambassador Drake was at the heart of the drama, having gone face-to-face with Stephen Curry and called Draymond Green ‘trash’ in the last game.

This time he wore a hoodie with a picture of Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin on the back and ‘Kevin?!’ written underneath, trolling the injured Kevin Durant’s continued absence.

But victory gave KD and the rest of the Dubs a chance to give Drake a taste of his own medicine in the tunnel after the game.

Durant and Klay Thompson – who picked up an injury after scoring 25 points in the game – left the locker room at full-time to congratulate their teammates as they returned and exchanged words with Drake while they were at it.

‘We’ll see you in the Bay Aubrey,’ mocked Klay as Drake left the court. ‘You weren’t talking tonight were you? Bum ass.’

‘It’s alright, it’s okay,’ mocked KD as Drake walked past, while the rapper hit back saying the Dubs ‘squeezed that’.

Thompson got in one last dig, though, saying that was ‘light work, good thing I popped a hammy’ as Drake walked off.

The Toronto super fan has gone to extreme lengths to try and get under the skin of the Warriors’ players, tracking down an extremely rare Dell Curry Raptors jersey – from when Steph’s dad briefly played for the team – at great expense.

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