A couple of cheeky pub-goers decided to play a practical joke on their local boozer.

Kane Bethall and Mark Atkinson wanted to make their mark at the Lord Rodney in West Yorkshire.

After spending a lot of time down their local, they decided to put up a picture of themselves on the walls.

To blend in with the other black and white snaps on display, they edited their portrait to match the theme.

In the amusing image, the duo sit beside one another proudly holding onto a pint.

Hilariously, pub staff failed to notice and the pair of pranksters have been on display for days at a time.

Kane took to Twitter using the username @KaneBethell to post a picture of his photo swapping stunt.

He captioned the post: “My local pub has loads of black and white pictures up, me and my pal have taken a photo of us and stuck it over the picture.”

Hilariously, Kane admitted: “It's been there a week now and we are still unnoticed.”

In the comments, the prankster provided an update.

Since the photo swap has gone viral on Twitter, Kane has now been contacted by the West Yorkshire pub.

Kane claimed that the pub emailed him after finally spotting the photo.

And good news, the punter's snap is not going anywhere.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Kane said: "Just had a few beers and thought it would be a laugh, we are regulars in there and thought we deserved our own booth!"

Rightfully now claiming their own booth, Kane and Mark still remain hanging on the wall.

They added: "Yes they[the pub] said they will keep it up, we are hoping to get it signed and framed properly!"

Since being posted three days ago, Kane’s tweet has racked up 10,400 likes and 250 retweets.

Having been tickled by Kane’s photo replacing prank, many people praised the lad for his creativity.

One person commented: “This is f***ing BRILLIANT. I love it.”

Another user added: “Very good, congratulations.”

A third person said: “That is fantastic.”

Someone else joked: “These are the sort of people who deserve to be knighted.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user stated: “Why is this so funny? I wanna do it.”

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