It's the show that has us all hooked as single men and women look for love, and we've really not got long to wait for Love Island's imminent return.

Naturally, there have been some seriously dramatic moments over the years, from fiery arguments to U-turn recouplings, it makes for busy viewing.

But, in amongst the angst, the tears, the make-up and the very, very, very large array of bikinis, there have been some standout moments for a different reason.

The show sets itself up as an opportunity for people to find true love, so it's not completely surprising to say that there have been some genuine displays of romance.

Let's take a look back from the very beginning at some of Love Island's most romantic moments EVER.

Season 1: Jon proposes to Hannah… like, for real

Love Island Season 1 finished on a high note when fan-favourite Jon Clark got down on one knee and popped the question to Scouser Hannah Elizabeth.

But, in the super sped-up world a Love Island villa, the heart wants what it wants and there's nothing wrong with a whirlwind of a romance.

At the time, Jon read a poem to help sweeten the engagement deal: "Love is mad, love is crazy, love makes me feel like a daisy. Love is scary, love is cool though. Loving you makes me feel like a rainbow…"

And it certainly did the trick because Hannah said yes.

Season 2: Scott asks Kady to be his girlfriend

A simple 'will you be my girlfriend?' wasn't good enough for season 2 heartthrob Scott Thomas.

Oh no, he went one, two, three steps further by creating a slightly lopsided 'BE MY GF' proposal out of towels.

Following the sweet gesture, Kady shared her thoughts about it in the Beach Hut: "It’s so weird. I now have a boyfriend!

She added: "I swear to god, I’ve never had anyone do something so thoughtful and so sweet for me before."

Scott was over the moon with the result.

He said: "I’m genuinely smitten with Kady. I’m obsessed with the girl and I think people can see that.

"There’s no better place to make a big gesture than Love Island. You’ve got to pick your moment in here and I think it paid off."

The loved-up pair made it to the final and finished in third place alongside Alex and Olivia Bowen and winners Nathan Masdey and Cara de la Hoyde.

Season 3: Jamie and Camilla's La La Land dance

Oh, how our hearts rejoiced at this moment!

Camilla and Jamie's love story is certainly one for Love Island history books.

As she struggled to open up to people in the villa, Camilla found herself slowly warming towards fellow Islander Jonny Mitchell.

But it wasn't to be. Jonny broke things off with Camilla and moved on to a new conquest, leaving the fan-favourite heartbroken.

Luckily, the Island casting team hit the nail right on the head when they introduced Calvin Klein model Jamie Jewitt.

Despite her reservations after Jonny's rejection, Jamie knew that Camilla was the one for him.

He made an effort to celebrate her birthday in style with a special avocado toast, spelt out to read "Happy bday Cam".

And when they shared their first kiss two days later, Camilla fought hard not to lose her head.

She confided in her fellow Islanders, saying: “I am falling for him and I’m trying really hard not to and so I’m fighting every feeling.”

Skip to the series finale, and one of the most romantic scenes in all of Love Island takes place.

Their adorable La La Land themed date was a beautiful moment, as the pair pledged to stay together before dancing together during the Spanish sunset.

Camilla told Jamie: "When I say that I’m the happiest I’ve been for a very long time, it’s hard to explain that in this context, but it’s feeling like you’re not quite as strange as you think you are.

"Or maybe you are strange, but someone else is too."

Now, fast forward to 2022 and the pair are happily married and expecting their second child together.

Honestly, it couldn't be any more perfect.

Kem gifts Amber an infinity bracelet

In what was coined 'the most romantic moment of the series', Kem presented Amber with an infinity bracelet – a symbol of eternal love.

He told her: "So now you know, that when you wear it, I'm always looking out for you in here, because I am, and in general I'm always looking out for you, and I'm always going to have your back."

Olivia Attwood lists all the things she loves about Chris Hughes

Hidden away on the balcony, Olivia read a list of all the things she loved about her Love Island partner.

It read: 1. "Your blue eyes that make you look like a husky."

2. "You make me laugh even when I don't want to."

3. "You can't get up out of bed and neither can I, so I don't have to be worried about you waking me up."

4. "The way you're kind to everyone even when you don't need to be."

5. "You make me want to be nicer."

6. "Your hair always looks perfect, like an iced gem."

7. "You're like a child, and it makes you happy, which make me happy."

8. "You always talk about your family and how much you love them, and I love your family values."

9. "You see things in me that I don't see, I've got a wall up and it's coming down because of you."

10. "For all those reasons, I would love to be your girlfriend."

Season 4: Dani Dyer's love note to Jack Fincham

We'd been rooting for sweetheart Dani Dyer since the moment she stepped foot in the villa, and it was only right that she went on to win Season 4 with Jack Fincham.

The couple had been together throughout the entire process, and publicly declared their love for one another during the final episode.

Dani had poured her heart out to Jack, saying: "Jack, when I first entered the villa eight weeks ago, I never imagined that in a million years I would have met someone as special as you.

"From our first date together on the beach, to our trip in a hot air balloon, we have already made so many special memories, and I can't wait for even more.

"I have had the Summer of my life in here and I owe so much of that to you Jack."

Jack was just as romantic in his reply: "Getting to know you and fall in love with you has been one of the most wonderful things to ever happen in my life.

"Firstly, you are an absolute sort. You are so caring and selfless, you have such a beautiful smile…when I see you happy, it makes me feel a way that I've never felt about someone before."

Season 5: All things Ellie Belly

Perhaps one of the most influential couples to have survived Love Island, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae provided a cuteness overload after the dramatics of Casa Amor.

Molly-Mae returned to the villa, hopeful and frightened, wondering if Tommy had recoupled with another girl.

To her dismay, her cuddly elephant toy Ellie Belly wasn't on her bed when she arrived back at the villa, leading her to think that Tommy had chosen to be with someone else.

But, in a heartwarming moment, Molly-Mae walked into the garden to see boxing boyfriend Tommy waiting just for her and with Ellie Belly in hand.

It might sound like a silly moment in the grand romantic scheme of things, but Ellie Belly was a piece of their newfound family – a sweet gesture between the two that confirmed their loyalty to one another.

Season 6: Luke's princess trail for Siânnise

Luke set the romance bar sky high when created a princess trail for his partner Siânnise Fudge.

He added a touch of fairytale magic to the occasion with secret instructions for every single contestant in the villa.

In the end, Disney super-fan Siânnise found her way to Prince Charming (ahem, Luke) and had a happy ending when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Season 7: Toby makes Chloe a breakfast picnic

Despite a few fiery ups and downs along the way, Toby and Chloe settled into Love Island life as a pretty solid couple, even making it all the way to the Season 7 final.

But, before moving in together and creating viral TikTok videos, Toby was putting in the work to win Chloe's heart.

And really, when you think about it, what's more romantic than a surprise breakfast picnic?

Especially when cameras caught the footballer practicing lines in the mirror as he rehearsed his invite to brekkie.

He told Chloe: "Although we’ve kissed, actions speak louder than words.

"I’m not really good with words. I’m good with actions so the best thing I can do is a breakfast picnic."

Alrighty then, who ever said romance is dead?

Love Island returns to our screens on June 6 at 9pm on ITV2.

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