Astrology: Expert reveals new zodiac dates as stars realign

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Capricorn is an Earth sign and is represented by the goat. During this sign’s special season, get to know the Capricorn in your life.

Loved ones of Capricorn, it’s time to start buying birthday presents.

Minimalist Capricorn loves candles in muted tones, and can be found lighting them all over the house, according to

Often thought of as the hardest working sign, Capricorn loves anything that adds to their WFH space; make them smile with an eco-friendly soy candle.

Both the male and female Capricorn enjoy a nice set of nails, so booking them a manicure is sure to wow them.

A Capricorn man won’t go all out and opt for a sparkly red or bold green, but will instead go for an “elegant” nude or clear.

For any other gifts, such as clothes or jewellery, Capricorn’s “power colours” include dark blue, white, brown and green.

These grounding colours speak to their “intelligent, cool, logical and connected to the earth” nature.

Avoid “overpowering” colours such as red, orange and gold, as they are too intense for Capricorn’s “low-key” nature.

If you’re treating Capricorn to a drink, “a simple white wine, sipped and savoured over the course of the meal, is usually what a Capricorn appreciates,” suggested

Failing a Pinot Grigio, sparkling water is a “close second”, as controlled Capricorn may reserve alcohol for very special occasions.

Capricorn also adores a to-do list and bullet point journal, so a personalised diary makes a great gift for this sign. said: “To them, it’s not an administrative task, it’s a way of making sense of their world.”

In their free time, you will often find Capricorn undertaking a huge project, and while others may find Capricorn’s work ethic extreme, this is how they rest.

“An earth sign, Capricorn loves using their hands, and loves making things. A Capricorn loves being busy and loves a goal — to a Capricorn, training for a marathon or triathlon is an ideal way to unwind.”

If you want to spend time with Capricorn, suggest a “DIY home project” or “complicated cooking project”, as they prefer this any day to sitting down and lounging.

“A Capricorn loves feeling accomplished,” so achieving sometihng together will bring you closer.

Those who find themselves in Capricorn’s inner circle should count themselves lucky.

“Capricorn has a set, small group of friends, and the friends they have now may well be friends they made when they were toddlers,” according to

This loyal sign believes in the immense power of the “lifelong friendship”, is always there for their pals and can be trusted implicitly.

They do best in one-to-one or small group situations, and steer clear of parties where they can’t truly connect with others.

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