Planning a proposal can't be easy and it could take months to organise.

Most people choose to pop the all important question at a restaurant, while others keep it simple and just propose at home.

But for one fella, he decided to ask his boyfriend to marry him in a truly unique style.

Ben Bartlett used his skills to reflect the sunlight on a mirror to reveal the words "Marry me?" to his boyfriend of eight years.

He put the code, including how he managed to calculate the exact angles on the hexagonal mirror, online for other romantics.

Explaining his inspiration behind the idea on Twitter, he said: "We're both huge nerds and I wanted to do something unique."

Ben added: "So I designed the hexagonal mirror thingy.

"The mirrors are angled so that just before sunset on our 8th anniversary, it reflects the light onto the ground to spell 'MARRY ME?'"

When asked if he planned the mirror to walk at a specific time of the day, Ben said yes.

He revealed how it was designed for where the sun would be at 5:30pm on October 18.

Ben, from San Francisco, US, said he made four prints to test the design with 37 mirrors creating the shape of a heart.

It helped him iron out any issues for the real things which had a remarkable 169 mirrors.

He added: "But I actually didn't get to test the real thing in advance because it finished printing the night before the proposal…

"So that was a nail-biter hoping it would work properly."

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The story of the proposal and its unique method quickly went viral online, with many congratulating the couple on Twitter.

One wrote: "Such a cool idea and I love the fact that because of this, you can keep that mirror forever/display it on your wall.

"It's art, but also a hallmark of that special moment."

Another added: "Congratulations! And man, what a fantastic idea with the mirrors! I am really astonished how good it works."

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