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Most people like to think that they're popular on Instagram – but they're not compared to this fur-mazing lot!

It would take a lot of doing to beat these pets when it comes to follower count on the popular social media platform.

There's plenty of top dogs on the app – from an Italian greyhound called Tika the Iggy who describes himself as a fashion model to Doug the Pug who has his own line of merch and non-profit organisation.

Other animals making waves online include Miffy the Bunny, Henry the Tortoise and hedgehogs Lionel and Lilo.

Here we take a look at some of the biggest pet influencers around today (and we're sorry to say, they're highly likely to have more followers than you do!)

Check out their adorable snaps below…

1. Tika the Iggy (@tikatheiggy)

The 9-year-old Italian greyhound from Montréal describes herself as a fashion model and gay icon.

The dog, who has an impressive 1million followers, has also been called "an actual bad b***h" by Lizzo,

Tika the Iggy racks up tend of thousands of likes on her posts as she shows off her fashionable wardrobe online.

Not letting lockdown slow her down, the pup has been keeping it chic even when she's had nowhere to show off her stylish garms.

2. Miffy the Bunny (

Miffy was born in Taiwan, but now documents her adventures while living in New York City.

She's also been on several adventures across the globe – keeping her 87,000 followers updated on her travels.

Miffy can be a little diva though when it comes to her wardrobe.

While going on a recently getaway, she told her followers: "Going on a two day trip. Need about 4 outfits. I’ve packed 35 just to be safe."

3. Henry the Tortoise (@thenotortoisebig)

Henry is a 21-year-old Sulcata tortoise who was hatched and raised in New York.

He enjoys eating watermelon, roaming around the garden, wearing cute accessorises and sunbathing.

Henry has built up an impressive following of 72,000 followers online who love to watch his day-to-day activities and send him comments online.

You can even catch him on TikTok, where he goes under the username of @thenotortoisebig.

4. Jiff Pom the Pomeranian (@jiffpom)

Jiff Pom is one of the biggest pet influencers around with a whopping 10.3million Instagram followers.

He even has his own 2021 calendar on sale that you can get your hands on.

The Pomeranian is known for his teddy bear-like looks and adorable outfits and accessories.

You can often find him in fancy dress, cuddling up to a teddy bear or under a blanket, and his fans lap it up.

There seems to be no stopping the adorable little pooch.

5. Lionel and Lilo The Hedgehogs (@lionelthehedgehog)

Lionel and Lilo the Hedgehogs will really brighten up your Instagram feed if you decide to follow them.

The pair, who already boast 151,000 followers, shared many adorable pictures and videos of them dressed up in cute outfits or posing in unexpected places.

The hedgehog pair, based in Charleston, even have their own custom-made pyjamas with their adorable faces all over them.

You know you've made it big time in the pet influencing world when you have your own merchandise.

6. Doug The Pug (itsdougthepug)

Doug The Pug is another one of the pet influencer heavyweights, with an impressive 4million followers.

The pooch labels himself the 'King Of Pop Culture' and has even won two People's Choice Awards.

As well as his own products and merch, he also has his own non-profit organisation – Doug The Pug Foundation.

This aims to ring joy and support to children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

He often delights his followers by wearing cute outfits and accessorises in his names.

Adorable and a big heart – what more could you want?!

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