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Meghan Markle looked delighted with her very chic office in her 40th birthday video.

But her expensive choice of interior design has now been brutally mocked by new HBO show The Prince.

In one episode, cartoon versions of the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are seen presenting a home makeover show called Royally Screwed.

In the animated show within a show, the couple introduce themselves by saying: "Hi, I'm Meghan Markle and I'm Harry and we're royally screwed. Each week we take a house from drab-to-fab."

The pair are given a normal family's $75,000 life savings to give their home a makeover suitable for royals.

But the mother of the family collapses when she later finds out the royal duo have spent the entire budget on a solid gold backsplash for their kitchen while the rest of the house is exactly the same.

Meghan and Harry are frequently the butt of the joke in the show.

The third episode sees the Duchess, voiced by Condola Rashad, and Harry, by Orlando Bloom, practising lines from a script as they talk about jobs.

In the scene, Meghan complains about her acting career, during which she played Rachel Zane in Suits.

She fumes: "This sucks. On Suits I was a series regular. Attorney at law!"

Harry responds: "Wasn't she a paralegal the first six seasons?"

Harry confesses that he wanted to be a massage therapist and when she probes him on it, he says: "You never had a dream when you were a child to be something everything else said was impossible, like an astronaut or prime minister, or masseur?"

Meghan responds dreamily: "Ah… I wanted to be a princess."

"Oh, well you kind of f***ed that up," Harry quips.

The US cartoon, which mocks the Royal Family, has provoked fury since its release, particularly over scenes which depict Prince Philip as vacant and drooling.

The satirical show was condemned as being in bad taste and 'very insensitive', with the Duke of Edinburgh having died in April aged 99.

Producers delayed the airing of the 12-part series from the spring following the prince's death but declined to remove scenes mocking him.

He is shown eating pureed food and collapsing to the floor. In one scene, he gasps at the dinner table and George tells an aide to 'get the defibrillators ready'.

There has already been anger at the way the HBO Max series, aimed at an adult audience, has made children the target of most of the mockery.

It has also focused on Prince George, portraying the eight-year-old as a foul-mouthed and tyrannical child with expensive tastes.

Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary to the Queen, told the Mail: "That is very insensitive particularly as the memory of Prince Philip's death is just a few short months away.

"The whole thing is in bad taste. They call it satire but there's nothing satirical about it. Would they do the same sort of thing for an American president and his or her family? They wouldn't get away with it."

One viewer tweeted: 'I'm no Royal Family fan or anything, but seeing as Prince Philip has passed away, the way he's portrayed on

The Prince was created by Family Guy producer Gary Janetti. It stars Orlando Bloom voicing Prince Harry and Frances de la Tour as the Queen.

It was released last week on HBO Max, a US streaming service. There are not thought to any current plans for a UK release.

Buckingham Palace has declined to comment.

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