Foot fetishes are becoming more and more popular.

While some people are still shy to admit their kinks, others love embracing it online.

Now one model lifted the lid on a craze which is earning her huge money on adults-only platform OnlyFans.

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Kerolay Chaves, who claims to be the last virgin on the app, says she receives many requests for snaps of her feet.

She said: "I get a lot of requests for pictures of my feet, but it's really a lot of messages!

"At first I was a little scared, then I found it curious and I understood that it is a fetish."

Not only do people ask for shots of her toes, they even want her used shoes – but only if they're smelly.

Kerolay continued: "I realised the requests for the 'scenery' of the photos are the most diverse.

"They've even asked to buy my socks and kiss my feet."

In the past, the influencer, known as the "White Fairy", said she was losing money as she didn't have stinky feet.

When sending a pair of shoes, she's had clients complain they didn't have any foot odour so refused to pay.

But she's still racking in around £16,000 ($20,000 USD) per photo thanks to her foot fetish fans.

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She recently revealed how men often come after her even more after stating she's the "last virgin on OnlyFans".

Kerolay said it's their fetish after performing a hymen reconstruction procedure in 2022 to restore hers.

The model also says to receive many messages on her Instagram about this fetish.

And previously she shared five reasons why people should date nerds as "they'll do anything".

She loves embracing this side of herself as she enjoys playing board games in her spare time too.

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