Missing Virgin River Already? Check Out the Real Locations Where the Show Filmed

Let’s be honest: we watch Virgin River as much for the stunning locations as we do for the swoon-worthy romance and small-town drama. Netflix’s hit series is set in the fictional town of Virgin River, but the beautiful views of rivers, mountains, old houses, and adorable small businesses are all very real. For the most part, the show, like many others, films in and around Vancouver, and the city is one step ahead of us all: it’s even got a ready-made guide to seeing some of the most notable Virgin River filming locations! We’re seriously a little jealous of the cast and crew who got to spend time working in these stunning places, but we can at least enjoy a brief digital tour with these gorgeous pictures of where the show has filmed so far. Keep reading to see them all now, and hopefully we get many more spots to add to our travel bucket list in season three.

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