Which one is the mum? Youthful mother, 35, and her 18-year-old daughter look so similar they are often mistaken for SISTERS – here’s how she keeps herself looking half her age

  • Kat Zoe Clark had Latitia on her 17th birthday and said they have a special bond
  • The Gold Coast pair had a joint birthday on the weekend with a ‘all white’ theme
  • The mum said she is often asked for ID and others are shocked to learn her age 

A health guru mum has shared the secret to her youthful appearance that leads to the 35-year-old and her teenage daughter being mistaken for sisters.

Kat Zoe Clark had her daughter Latitia, 18, on her 17th birthday and said they shared a ‘special bond’ because ‘we both grew up together’.

When the Gold Coast pair celebrated their joint birthdays over the weekend with an all-white themed party, Kat revealed she was asked for her ID twice.

‘It’s actually a compliment though, some people even think that we’re sisters,’ she said in a Tik Tok video.

Pictured: Zoe Clark (right) and her 18-year-old daughter Latitia, who she had when she was just 17

Kat Clark (pictured left with her daughter Latitia) said she often gets asked for ID when entering venues

– Use skincare products that are free of chemicals.

– Always wash sheets in skin-sensitive washing powder.

– Drink plenty of water.

– Take collagen supplements. 

The mum-of-two, who also has a 10-year-old daughter with her husband Johnathan, said the duo often get their IDs checked when they walk into bars. 

‘I love telling people and seeing their faces,’ she told news.com.au.

‘Even attending parent-teacher interviews has been quite funny and seeing other parents faces when they drop off their kids to my house.’

One mother asked Kat whether her mum was home when dropping her child off for a play date with Latitia, and was shocked to learn Kat was the parent.

Aside from ‘good genetics’, Kat said the secret to her youthful glow is using skin-sensitive washing powder and using skincare products that are free of chemicals.

The mum also takes collagen supplements everyday and drinks lots of water. 

Kat also opened up about the heavy criticism she got when when Latitia was a baby ‘that absolutely broke me’, and had to work hard to rebuild her confidence.

‘Everyone thought I would be a terrible mother and that Latisha would have a horrible life,’ she said. ‘I guess their comments gave me the fuel I needed to be the mum I am today. 

Pictured: Latitia (right) entering a licensed venue with her mother Kat (left) for the first time as an 18-year-old

Pictured: Kat (left) and her husband Johnathan with Latitia in 2020. The couple also have a ten-year-old daughter

Kat (left)  is a proud mum and said her daughter Letitia (right) is studying law at university

The proud mum said Latitia was studying to be a lawyer.

In a birthday post for her daughter, Kat wrote on Instagram: ‘God gifted me with my soul mate on my birthday 18 years ago.

‘Sharing my birthday with you has been one of the best things in the world but today is all about you because you are officially an adult, and an amazing one might I add.

‘Studying and working hard for your future which I’m proud of but what I love most about you is your heart and who you’ve become.’

In a special birthday post for her daughter, Kat wrote on Instagram: God gifted me with my soul mate on my birthday 18 years ago.

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