Mother-of-the-groom is slammed for buying a £2,895 bespoke WEDDING dress for her son’s big day – after spending six months ‘controlling’ the plans

  • Dozens of women stunned after seeing a mother of the groom buy a bridal dress
  • Lydia appeared on TV show The Posh Frock Shop ahead of only son’s wedding
  • Decided to buy bridal gown from London store but was convinced to dye it grey
  • Some found it ‘weird’ she wanted to the wear dress and others said ‘poor bride’

Shocked women have slammed a mother of the groom after she bought a £2,895 bespoke dress from the bridal section of a boutique to wear to her son’s wedding. 

Mother-of-four Lydia appeared on The Posh Frock Shop with two of her daughters to try and find the perfect outfit for her only son’s wedding. 

After rejecting designer Ian Stuart’s choices from his occasion wear range at the London store, Lydia headed for the bridal collection and found a one-shouldered dress with a train. 

The episode has just been picked up by a wedding shaming group on Facebook, where users said their ‘jaws dropped’ at her decision.

Shocked viewers have slammed a mother of the groom, pictured, who decided to buy a dress from the bridal section of a store to wear to his wedding

Lydia, pictured in the dress, appeared on Channel 4’s The Posh Frock Shop last year looking for an outfit to wear to her only son’s wedding, which she had planned

The mother-of-four, pictured, tried on several dresses at Ian Stuart’s London boutique but fell in love with a one-shoulder ‘sexy’ gown. Ian advised her to dye it grey for the wedding

Even designer Ian was shocked at Lydia’s choices and said: ‘She’s going down the very sexy route, almost the “I’m more important than the bride” route.’ 

He later asked ‘what kind of mother would think it is appropriate to wear a wedding dress for themselves to their sons wedding’ when Lydia chose the gown.

In her first scene at the London-based shop wedding planner Lydia revealed that she wanted an ‘elegant, demure and glamorous’ dress for the big day.  

Lydia said: ‘I am quite controlling and have been planning my only son’s wedding for around six months.  

Lydia, pictured with her son, admitted she could be ‘quite controlling’ and that the wedding was going to be ‘a traditional Greek wedding’ with around 200 people

Designer Ian, pictured behind Lydia right, was shocked when after trying on two dresses, pictured, the mother of the groom started looking through the bridal gowns at his boutique

Lydia, pictured, admitted her son might think she’d ‘gone over the top’ with the bespoke gown

‘It will be a traditional Greek wedding with more than 200 guests. My son has his criteria for how he’d like me to look, and I have mine.

‘The mother of the groom tends to have a secondary role to the mother of the bride but I want something with the wow factor for the day.’ 

While at the shop Lydia tried on two grey dresses which were elegant but not as fancy as the bridal gown, however she was not satisfied with either of them.

After trying on the floor length bridal gown Ian asks Lydia what her son would think about her choice, leaving her to admit he might think she’d ‘gone over the top.’   

Ian, pictured, asked ‘what kind of mother would think it is appropriate to wear a wedding dress for themselves to their sons wedding’ when Lydia chose the gown

The Channel 4 show was on last summer and is about Ian’s boutique, pictured, in London

One woman said her ‘jaw dropped’ when she saw the episode and questioned whether Lydia thought she would ‘upstage the bride’

He suggests getting the £2,895 bespoke dress in grey as if Lydia ordered it in white she would be extremely close to overshadowing the bride.  

Lydia said: ‘It is not the typical mother of the groom dress, but I love it and I’m having it!  

Writing about the episode on Facebook, one shocked viewer said: ‘Jaw dropped watching The Posh Frock Shop. The MOG went to the BRIDAL side of the dress parlor to pick this for her Son’s wedding. 

Several people said Lydia’s one shoulder, floor length dress was ‘rude to the bride’

‘She says she is planning the wedding and she is a ‘cool mom’. She doesn’t think she will upstage the bride?! If I was the bride I would scratch her eyes out! LMAO’

Dozens of people replied saying they couldn’t believe Lydia had decided to buy the dress for the wedding and were left thinking of the ‘poor bride’. 

One said ‘not only is this incredibly rude to the bride but that dress is hideous’ and someone else simple wrote ‘poor bride.’ 

Others said that they’d be angry and even ‘pour red wine’ over the dress at their wedding

While another added: ‘I would beat my future mother in law if she play with me like this.’

Someone else commented: ‘I would pour red wine all over that dress.’ 

Others said they thought is strange that she wanted to wear the dress at all to her son’s wedding.

One person said: ‘Anyone else think it’s weird that she’d WANT to wear a wedding dress to her SON’S wedding? Like, obsessive mother to the extreme.’ 

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