The mother of all beauty tips! Mummy blogger reveals she applies her own BREAST MILK as a face cream and says it’s filled with ‘magical anti-inflammatory’ properties

  • Si-Si Shoffman, 30, who lives in London, uses colostrum in her skincare regime
  • Posting on Instagram, said she applies the breast milk then moisturizes her face
  • Impressed followers saying it’s ‘anti inflammatory’ and helps with anti-ageing 

A mummy blogger with a radiant complexion has revealed she applies her own breast milk to her face as part of her skincare regime. 

Si-Si Shoffman, 30, who is from Glasgow but now lives in London, has gained over 14,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her parenting and beauty tips.

The Skin & Aesthetics Trainer gave birth to her son Clayton Jagger Shoffman, nicknamed CJ, last summer and revealed she has been using breast milk on her face in the months since. 

She claims it is ‘liquid gold’ and packed with benefits including ‘magical anti-inflammatory’ properties’.   

Si-Si Shoffman, 30, who lives in London, has gone viral on Instagram after urging her followers to use colostrum in their skincare regime. Pictured: Si Si with her husband Jason and their son Clayton Jagger Shoffman 

Si-Si (pictured) shared a video revealing she applies the breast milk to her face using a syringe, before finishing the routine with a moisturizer 

In a lengthy caption on the post, Si Si said the benefits of using ‘liquid gold’ on the face includes anti-ageing and fighting any problematic bacteria 

In a video Si Si, demonstrates how she uses a syringe to apply the milk on her face after cleansing and then adds a moisturizer.  

Si-Si said she uses colostrum, which is the milk produced in the first few days after giving birth, but breastmilk in general has been shown to have positive properties.

The 30-year-old said it is anti-inflammatory, fights problematic bacteria, helps hormonal imbalances and aids skin regeneration.  

Si-Si said: ‘After applying my colostrum I’ve gone in with some @fuarainskincare moisturiser… which contains some potent magical ingredients extracted from Scottish water… 

Si Si said she uses a cleanser before applying the breast milk and admitted the hack may seem ‘crazy’. Pictured: Si Si and baby CJ

‘So basically tonight Matthew: I am my very own self made magical Scottish unicorn.. Get your liquid gold on ladies!’ 

A stream of responses to the post praised Si Si for sharing the benefits of breast milk for skin and gushed they’re excited to try the hack for themselves.

One person wrote: ‘This is so cool! Your skin is glowing’

Another joked: ‘Contemplating having a baby just for the perfect skin’

‘You look fabulous! Beautiful skin,’ a third added.

Another said: ‘Whoa that’s quire interesting, I didn’t know about that! Will keep in mind for when the time comes’ 

A stream of responses to the post thanked Si Si for sharing the hack and revealed they’re excited to try it for themselves 

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