DEAR DEIDRE: SHE has a boyfriend but my colleague is really flirty and even sends me pictures of her posing in her underwear.

She is 24, I’m 27 and we have worked together for three years.

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She has always been friendly and at the start, I flirted back. I didn’t know she had a partner.

When I found out, I packed it in – but she hasn’t.

She is always flinging her arms around me and calling me her “work husband”. If I walk past her desk to the printer, she often slaps my bum.

When we’re not at work, she is constantly texting me and sharing funny online videos. A few times, drunk, she has sent me saucy selfies.

I would be furious if I was her boyfriend.

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When I ask what he thinks of our relationship, she says: “I don’t care. He doesn’t control me.”

I’ve tried to keep my distance but it’s tough when we see each other every day.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your colleague likes the attention and perhaps the flirting makes her feel good about herself.

But if she had feelings for you, she probably would have made a serious move by now.

You need to set some boundaries. You can show her with your body language that you don’t welcome her flirtatious attention.

If she still does not get the message, explain in a quiet moment you are happy to be her friend but the flirting and pictures need to stop.

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself will help.

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