When we think of nightmare neighbours, noise complaints or messiness often springs to mind.

But in one Mumsnet post, a woman was fuming that a local resident kept using her washing line.

As reported by The Mirror, the thread detailed how she shares an "open plan" outdoor area with her neighbours.

But the two sides were "clearly defined" as two separate gardens, which is why she doesn't take kindly to them encroaching on her space.

The mum complained that her neighbour's children were starting to play on her side of the garden now that the weather was beginning to get warmer.

She said: "Normally, this wouldn't bother me but we both work from home with our workspace at the back of the house, so it was a bit of a pain but we let it slide."

The anonymous woman then goes on about the laundry issue.

She continued: "One morning I get up to hang out a washing and see neighbours washing already out on my drying green.

"Was a bit WTF about it, mentioned to her and she said she'd always just used our drying green because her poles had broken and the previous owner didn't mind."

The resident did mind about sharing the line though – so put up a fence to block her neighbours.

But this didn't stop them as they just drilled a hole in the fence to create a new washing line.

The Mumsnetter added: "I realise I may be overreacting and it's just a fence, but am I being unreasonable to want to ask her to remove the screws as she didn't ask to drill into it?

"If she had asked, I'd likely have said no because I'm not keen on the persistent weight pulling on the fence."

The thread received dozens of responses – with many slamming the neighbours for being inconsiderate.

Some branded them "rude", with one replying saying ""Personally I wouldn’t be unscrewing it, I’d be cutting the line."

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