Sorry, mom, but your muffin top is taking a back seat to dad’s backside.

Post-pregnancy “mommy makeover” procedures — a plastic surgery combo of liposuction, tummy tuck and a breast lift or augmentation — have been popular for years, but now men of a certain age are shelling out for what some experts are dubbing the “daddy do-over.”

For “dad,” the surgeries typically include liposuction of the chest, abs and flanks (sides and back), and it’s becoming more popular with New York men trying to get an edge at work — and on the beach. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on people identifying as male in 2018, an increase of 29% since 2000. While this study doesn’t confirm that any of these men are actually “dads,” the demographics suggest these men are experiencing the effects of “dad bod” and want a fix — stat.

“For women, they are obviously experiencing the physical changes that come with pregnancy and having a baby, but for men, it’s more about the change in lifestyle that having children brings, as well as the typical factors that come with aging,” Dr. Alan Matarasso, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, tells The Post. “At around age 35, fat distribution in both genders changes. Even if your weight stays the same. Being a parent exacerbates it.”

Matarasso says he’s seen more men at his Upper East Side practice requesting all sorts of cosmetic procedures. In 2018, according to the report, the most popular procedures for men were injectibles (toxins and fillers), breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and eyelid surgery.

“After having kids, your life changes,” Matarasso says.”Maybe you used to go play basketball every Sunday and burn 1,000 calories and now you’re at the Central Park Zoo on Sunday instead. Without those basketball Sundays, you could gain a pound a month and it becomes harder and harder to lose it later in life. Some of my patients won’t even put on a T-shirt. They tell me they feel like they have a B-cup. That’s why we’re calling it the ‘daddy do-over.’ ”

One of Matarasso’s patients, a 57-year-old Hell’s Kitchen restaurateur who asked to be identified only as Russell, says he wanted to look good at the beach.

Russell had Botox and fillers in the past but never invasive surgery until January, where he underwent a version of the “daddy do-over,” with liposuction of the chest, flanks and abdomen. Although he says he was never a heavy guy and was always in good shape, he started to notice weight around his waist that wouldn’t go away. The doctors told him the full results wouldn’t appear for five months, but just three weeks after surgery, he was shirtless on the beach and says, “I look better than I did when I was 30.”

He wants to do his neck next.

“I want to age gracefully while spending $30,000 a year on cosmetic treatments,” Russell says with a laugh.

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