An NHS doctor has cleared the confusion of the "sore throat" symptom of chlamydia, explaining it can only happen on one condition.

Dr Karan Rajan responded to an unusual statement regarding the sexually transmitted infection that claimed "if you have a sore throat, you might have chlamydia".

The surgeon explained on TikTok by drawing a simple diagram, saying: "Check it out – causes of sore throat, let's go through the basics: common cold, flu, mononucleosis, mumps, strep throat, allergies, smoke, chemicals or acid reflux.

"Causes of chlamydia – it's obviously getting cheeky with someone who has chlamydia.

"And the only time these two worlds collide is when you nibble on their noodles – oral sex."

Some viewers were still not entirely sure if the statement was valid, asking: "So she's correct then? Or have I missed the point completely?"

Dr Rajan wrote in the comments: "Not all sore throat equals to chlamydia. It's not even common. So rare. Very unusual statement to make.

"It's so exceedingly rare that it was an odd statement to make.

"It's unlikely to even be in the top 30 causes for sore throat. Just because something can cause something, it isn't always associated with it.

"I'm just stating how – it's just the only way someone can get a sore throat caused by chlamydia."

One wrote: "I would have actually paid attention in health class if you were my teacher."

"Best explanation I've ever heard," another added.

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