Niall Horan is safe and sound, but shaken over the recent break-in of his penthouse in South London. The One Directioner was away when the event happened, but it still left him uneasy given the personal nature of the crime.

The singer, who splits time between this flat and a home in Los Angeles, was gone during the break-in and credits his personal assistant for a brave confrontation with the 29-year-old suspect in the foyer of his $7 million home.

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“Niall wasn’t at home at the time but one of his assistants was and saw the man walk through the apartment to the foyer outside,” a Page Six source said. “She managed to keep the intruder talking.”

Another resident in a connected apartment complex was reportedly followed in by the intruder, who made his entrance into Niall’s home by jumping onto his balcony from a neighbor’s property.

Police were called when Niall’s personal assistant saw the intruder in the lobby of the apartment. She immediately contacted security, who then contacted police. The belief is that the break-in was not done for a burglary or even due to Horan’s star power. Those close to the situation say that the man was incoherent and believed to be on drugs.

According to a source to the Daily Mail, the assistant stepped in and distracted the intruder the first time he was observed in the building. At the time, she kept him talking while security was called. The time allowed the proper authorities to come onto the scene and help remedy a potentially dangerous situation from escalating.

Amazingly, the man was released and returned again the next day where he was arrested upon being observed by security first-hand.

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According to the source, “The security noticed him on the cameras and picked him up pretty promptly and he was arrested this time.”

At Kingstown Crown Court, the intruder pleaded guilty to charges of burglary with intent and was ordered to stand trial on July 5th. He has been remanded in custody until that time.

Reacting to this news, the singer’s One Direction bandmates, both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, have increased personal security at their own homes in anticipation of any possible intruders. Events like this are a reminder that stars are people too and the price of fame, for many, is higher than many might realize at first glance.

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