No Time to Die is now set to become the biggest movie in Hollywood during the pandemic era as the movie earns $700 million. As Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the iconic role James Bond comes to an end, he is about to set a record as one of the highest-earning movies during COVID 19. The current worldwide box office as of this writing is at $708.6 million. It was reported that the No Time To Die has surpassed earning of $500 million late last month. No Time to Die is now the fourth biggest grosser of 2020 to 2021, following Vin Diesel’s F9 at $721 million, China’s Hi, Mom at $837 million, and China’s The Battle at Lake Changjin at $885 million.

No Time to Die also sets a record in their franchise as the third biggest James Bond movie in history in the raw worldwide grosses following Skyfall with $1.108 billion and Spectre with $881 million. The vast sales came from overseas, considering the movie only earned $150 million in the domestic box office, making it among the lowest sales for the James Bond franchise. The 25th movie of James Bond currently has the lowest gross domestically yet still topped worldwide with over $700 million gross. The release of No Time To Die was delayed multiple times because of the pandemic crisis, but the wait sure made up for it as the sales of the movie are overwhelming.

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With all the accomplishments on its belt, No Time to Die has also surpassed Spectre’s lifetime gross records in 22 markets and Skyfall’s records in 18 markets. In addition, No Time To Die is Universal’s highest earner of all time in countries Netherlands, Switzerland, U.K., and Ireland. The movie also became the fifth highest-grossing film ever after surpassing Avengers: Endgame’s gross sales. No Time To Die was released in Australia last November 11, 2011, making the country the final primary market for the movie. In addition, the film got impressive box office results with $8.2 million of ticket sales, which is the best result for a film in the pandemic era in Australia.

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No Time To Die is currently the only movie showing that does not contain superheroes or sci-fi fantasies. This might be an essential factor for moviegoers who want to see real stunts and action rather than CGI effects and superpowers. This is an advantage the movie has enjoyed and might enjoy until the end of the year unless the highly anticipated movie of Matthew Vaughn, which is The Kings Man does a surprise showing over Christmas.

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