Cris Galera, a Brazilian OnlyFans model and self-proclaimed "sologamist", married herself last September and then divorced herself for a quick fling – and has finally found love.

The 34-year-old model met underwear model and fellow OnlyFans creator Miquéias Rocha, 25, through work and the chemistry was strong enough for Galera to go from solomate to life with a soulmate.

Speaking of her relationship with Rocha, Galera said: "We first met around a year ago when we started working together. Miquéias used to be the person supporting me with digital marketing for my social media."

Rocha's steady presence in her life meant the pair got closer over time, with Galera gushing: "In December I was single, and the following month he was too, so this made us get even closer, and then we finally started dating!"

Why did OnlyFans model Cris Galera marry herself?

São Paulo-based lingerie model and OnlyFans influencer Cris Galera married herself in the name of "self-love" in September 2021.

Speaking of her decision to marry herself, Galera admitted to issues with previous relationships being the reason.

She said: "Men have difficulty being faithful or staying with just one woman. They want several [women] at the same time."

The model, who claims to have turned down "thousands" of marriage offers on social media, added: "They think I’m kidding, but I actually married me!"

The self-proclaimed sologamist then did a complete 180 when she divorced herself for a fling with a guy, which then fizzled out quickly.

What has Cris Galera said about her relationship with Miquéias Rocha?

Solomate Cris Galera didn't have to remain single for too long before being swept off her feet by fellow model Miquéias Rocha.

Galera has claimed that the pair have a fulfilling relationship and that cooking is the secret to their love life.

She said: "Usually, we cook aphrodisiac recipes once a week. Because of our daily routines, work, etc, it’s hard to have time to cook every day, but we try our best to have a special moment together and use those ingredients to spice up our relationship."

These aphrodisiac menus help them "create the perfect mood for making out later", according to the adult content creator.

Despite being in love, the OnlyFans influencers have yet to move in together, with the former sologamist sharing: "I like my privacy and he likes his privacy too! We have a lot of maturity and respect in this part."

She also hasn't revealed any plans for marriage with Rocha for now.

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