It's the documentary that has Netflix users hooked, as the creepy story of Doctor Donald Cline is told on the streaming giant.

Donald Cline is the infamous former fertility doctor who, between 1979 and 1986, fathered multiple offspring by inseminating his patients.

The documentary dropped on Wednesday 11 May, and its certainly got tongues wagging with its undeniably creepy series of events.

Donald Cline's actions saw one of his offspring searching for the truth, which led her to discover she had dozens of half-siblings she'd never known about.

The connection? The mothers of the half-siblings had all gone to Cline's fertility clinic.

But just how many children did he father? Let's take a look…

How many children did Dr Donald Cline father?

The Our Father production reveals 94 siblings, but there's no doubt there could be more.

Further DNA tests concluded that the number is expected to increase, which is a worry for the siblings as they live in such close proximity to one another.

Lisa Shepherd-Stidham discussed the issues she faces on a daily basis, revealing: "When we get a new sibling alert, you’re praying, ‘Please don’t let it be somebody I know.’ Or, ‘Please don’t let it be somebody I dated'."

At the time of the inseminations, Dr Donald Cline was married and the couple share two children together, Donna and Doug, who sibling Jacoba reached out to.

It was 2016 when the story broke, after one of his offspring contacted a local news station, leading to the exposure of the scandal that left the world reeling at Cline’s sick act.

More of Cline’s victims join the narrative to share their own stories about discovering they were embroiled in the amazing extended family created in secret by the doctor, who was meant to be helping people get their longed-for children.


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In the trailer, a woman highlights her story by saying" "Growing up, I felt different. I was 35 and I take a DNA test."

"I think it was some sick experiment for him. Most of us have blonde hair, blue eyes. It was almost like this perfect Aryan clan. It's disgusting," says another of the people who has learned Cline is their biological father.

A revelation that will amaze viewers is "legally there's just no crime that touches this particular act".

But despite that, the siblings are not prepared to give up their fight for justice against the man who has left them potentially facing new siblings at every turn.

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