People have been left baffled by new-build home's huge design flaw.

The newly constructed townhouse, situated in Bristol, has had social media users giggling thanks to the awkward design flaw.

The lovely row of new-builds in Shirehampton are most probably lovely on the inside. However, it may take you a while to get in one of the houses in particular.

That's because entrance to the property has been built immediately behind an existing street sign.

This is now acting as a barrier and almost completely blocks the gate to the home.

Those who actually want to get in the front garden would have to squeeze past the street sign, if you can manage to, or stepping over it entirely.

Social media users were left dumbfounded by the design flaw as photos of the houses were shared online.

Bristol Live says it is awaiting a response from the developer and from the highways authority, Bristol City Council, to clarify why the sign hasn't been moved.

It's not currently clear whose responsibility it would be to move the sign, or if there are any plans to move it in the future.

The Tarmac surface surrounded the road sign looks fresh, seeming that it was dug up only to be replaced in the same spot.

An advert on Rightmove for the new three-bedroom homes suggests that the frontage was finished for some month, as they were marketed in September with a similar street image.

This also shows the road sign in the same place, albeit from a distance, still blocking the gate.

The property has been listed online with a 'from £365,000' price tag. The marketing material advisers all those who are interested that the development would be completed by spring 2021.

Despite the design flaw, the homes seem to be popular, with several 'sold' estate agent boards now in place – including at the entrance next to the road sign.

Seems some people have managed to squeeze past the sign at least.

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