And you thought YOUR flatmate was bad! People share photos of their filthy communal areas – including a living room smeared with dog poo

  • Young woman from Wollongong asked people to share pictures of ‘festy rooms’
  • She said own messy housemate left hair everywhere in their shared bathroom
  • People shared pictures of trashed living-rooms and bathrooms on Facebook

People from around the world have shared photos of the hideous states of their shared kitchen, bathrooms and hallways. 

Frustrated social media users took to Facebook to vent about the disgusting behaviour of their filthy flatmates.   

The thread started when Emma O’Donnell, from Wollongong, Australia, asked people to share pictures of the mess caused by their untidy flatmates. 

Sharing her own photos on the group Awful Roomates: Roomates from hell, she wrote: ‘Give me your dirtiest, filthiest communal floors that your housemate makes you live in. ‘Kitchen, laundry, bathroom, h*** I even want to see your outdoor floors.’

Emma posted a photo of the ‘filthy floor’ caused by her ‘hairy housemate’ who fails to tidy up after himself in the shared bathroom.

Here, we share some of the most stomach-churning photos she received in response…  

Emma O’Donnell, from Wollongong, New South Wales, shared pictures of her bathroom’s dirty floor and asked people to share their own snaps of their housemates’ filthiness 

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Facebook user Lundy Johnson shared the picture of their carpeted floor covered in dog faeces, which suggested their housemates did not clean after their canine 

Jocelyn Lopez, from San Antonio, Texas, blamed their housemates’ kid for trashing the bathroom, pictured left and right

One woman named Jackquline, from West Monroe, Louisiana, explained she lived with her brother-in-law, who never picked up his trash and turned their bathroom, pictured, into a pit 

Jackquline added she had found maggots on the floor of the house’s kitchen because of her brother-in-law’s bad hygiene, pictured 

The floor is germs: A picture of the Jackquline’s brother-in-law’s room, which is covered in trash, several empty cans and the dog on the bed 

Elizabeth Jamison shared pictures of her house’s laundry room, which is covered in balls of dirt and dust 

As a joke, one woman shared the side of her own toilet, which is covered in dust, and said she sometimes ‘got lazy’

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