Before his marriage to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was a fixture on the social scene. He had an endless number of friends, some who may have been considered drinking buddies, others who were thought to be close confidantes. The prince was notorious for having somewhat of a wild side, often finding himself in interesting situations, such as the time he was in an altercation with a photographer outside of a London nightclub.

With the pressures of royal life that Harry was always facing, it is no surprise that he needed, and still does need, some people in his life who are close to him whom he can talk to and share his feelings. That person is now Meghan. But, before that, it was Harry’s close platonic friend: Natalie Pinkham. So, what happened between the friends since the royal wedding, and what does she have to say?

Who is Natalie Pinkham?

Natalie — a mother of two children — had a wonderful friendship with Harry. The British television presenter met Harry around 2003, and they had been quite close ever since. She is said to have understood the complicated life that Harry leads, always being in the spotlight and scrutinized by the media at all times. The two bonded as their friendship grew, and they stayed closed for years.

Prince Harry’s wild side

Throughout his late teens and 20s, Harry was known as the rebel of the royal family. He admitted to experimenting with drugs, he was a chain-smoker, and scandals always seemed to find him. After all, who can forget Harry’s infamously offensive Halloween costume, or the time he was heard using racial slurs? While this type of behavior is out of character for a member of the royal family, it was close friends like Natalie who helped to keep Harry focused as he navigated his way through life.

Natalie Pinkham did not get invited to Prince Harry’s wedding

There were many people who found themselves lucky enough to score an invitation to the royal wedding, but shockingly enough, Natalie was not on the guest list. She was understandably a little upset, as she thought her years-long friendship with the prince was pretty special. Although Natalie admits that her feelings were somewhat hurt at the snub, she does not resent Harry for neglecting to invite her.

Why did Prince Harry ghost Natalie Pinkham?

Natalie found that she had been “ghosted” by her close friend. They were no longer having cozy chats, no longer giving each other advice, and their friendship had ended, according to The Sun. This left more than a few people wondering if Meghan was behind the end of the friendship, or if Harry had decided to end things at the direction of Buckingham Palace courtiers.

How does Natalie Pinkham feel about Meghan Markle?

One of the best aspects of the situation is that Natalie feels that Meghan is a sensible wife and soulmate for Harry and that she can help to tame his wild side. Many fans agree that this is already happening, as Harry has been living a healthier, more sensible lifestyle since his wedding. Meghan has encouraged him to quit smoking and drinking, and her good habits are certainly rubbing off on him. 

Now that Harry is a father, it appears that he is ready to put his wild days behind him and focus on his family. Meghan seems to be the perfect person for him to do that with, and, fortunately for Harry, Natalie could not agree more. Just like her, we are happy that Harry has finally found his perfect match.

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