Think you're good at puzzles?

The latest mind-boggling brainteaser features a living room with a pet hamster lurking in the photo.

Many have been left scratching their heads by the puzzle as it was shared on YouTube.

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The photo shows a standard living room with a chair and foot rest, along with a fireplace and sofa.

There's also a back garden door which is open where you can vaguely see some outdoor furniture.

So among the furniture, can you see where the little hamster is hiding?

If you're after a hint, you could start by taking your eyes away from inside the living room.

And those who are still struggling can focus on the chair sitting outside on the patio.

But if you're still stuck, just scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers.

Found the hamster? Why don't you let us know how you got on in the comments section below…

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While you might think it'll be easy as the first one is pretty noticeable, the brainteaser gets harder as you go along.

Each time you do find the letter "b", you can move onto the next image.

The Playbuzz website said: "You were able to spot every single b," as a notice appeared online.

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