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    A 'real life Popeye' with colossal muscles shared jaw-dropping photos showing how he looked as a buff baby.

    Jeff Dabe is now a professional arm wrestling champ – but even as a tot he was enormous.

    He remarkably exited the womb with bulging limbs and being bigger than everyone else is all he has ever known.

    READ MORE: Real life Popeye 'scares strangers who freeze' when they see his colossal arms

    The Minnesota man has more than a million TikTok followers – and speaking with Daily Star, he explained how he “scares strangers who freeze” when they meet him.

    But in astonishing snaps he posted for his fans, it’s clear Jeff always stood out for his meaty paws.

    The 59-year-old told us: “I am used to it but it is weird to see how big I was as a kid. It is just amazing.

    “[I realised I was different] probably when I was little and I was out with neighbours when I was three or four and I could pick up a cement block that the bigger guys could but the kids couldn’t. I realised then.

    “Then we moved out to the farm when I was six or seven and I could throw hay bales with the big kids so I knew I was stronger then.”

    After unveiling the extraordinary throwback shots, one fan wrote: “This is amazing. Born buffed.”

    A second said: “Was your mum ok?”

    And a third added: “That baby could beat me in arm wrestling no question.”

    Others asked whether he was ever diagnosed with anything and Jeff told us his family took him to doctors when he was six.

    He said “several medics stood around prodding him” and he has since been tested for gigantism and elephantiasis – but no medical explanation has been found.

    His forearms are 49cm in circumference and unsurprisingly Jeff earned the nickname Popeye as a kid while he was in the high school wrestling team.

    It has stuck ever since but some people claim he is also the double for Wreck-It Ralph.

    “I still get it now,” he said. “I don’t mind. I watched the cartoon as a kid growing up.”

    He also explained how his size now intimidates strangers despite him being a big friendly giant.

    Chatting from his home, he said: “A lot of them you just kind of see them freeze up for a minute. They don’t want to talk.

    “I will go through a drive through window and I go to hand them my money and they just kind of freeze up and it takes them a second and they will take the money or say something.

    “It’s kind of funny. I know right away when someone notices me, you see it in their face and they can’t quite believe it at first.

    “I don’t mind. Little kids are the ones that are the funniest. They are not shy and they come up and ask right away which I like.”

    He added: “We can go somewhere and a little kid can say ‘oh I follow you on TikTok and this is cool I can’t believe I met you’ and they always want to compare hands and stuff.

    “They are so fun because they are always so bright about it, they don’t see nothing wrong with it whereas certain age people get more weirded out by it.

    “Some people are afraid to talk to me at first because of my size then once they meet me… you see on the TikTok comments people say ‘I met him, he’s the nicest guy, he’s cool and doesn’t mind talking and stuff’.”


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