WOAW and Library Street Collective presents a brand new solo exhibition titled “FANTASY” with New York artist Sam Friedman. The show explores the theme of the natural landscape of New York’s Rockaway Beach, and will take place in Hong Kong’s WOAW Gallery Store.

In this presentation, Friedman continues his artistic approach with vivid colors and abstract strokes to trigger emotions and imaginations — all inspired by the scenery, true stories, and the happiness that he experienced on the beach. By removing the progressive plots and configuration to each piece, each work is without a beginning or end and delivers infinite possibilities for an expanded interpretation. During this period of uncertainty, the artist found it almost impossible to enjoy the same level of freedom in reality as the seaside paradise, contributing to the reason why he named the exhibition “FANTASY”.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at those artworks, “FANTASY” will be on display until December 10.

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WOAW Gallery Store
5 Sun St, Wan Chai
Hong Kong
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