US man who’s fathered 49 children by donating his sperm to women or having sex with them reveals he’s having his first IVF baby with a doctor who contacted him online

  • Kyle Gordy, 30, from California fathered 49 children through sperm donation
  • Revealed has tried new way of doting sperm via in vitro fertilization (IVF) 
  • He donates for free and say women go to him directly rather than random donors

A man who has fathered multiple children across the globe has revealed the newest way he’s donating his sperm – through IVF.

Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, is known online for his controversial career as a sperm donor and is the biological father of 49 children across the globe.

In a bid to help struggling families, he offers his services for free and is often inundated with messages from women on Instagram, who want to have his child.

He recently revealed how he keeps his sperm in ‘tip top’ shape by eating more protein, such as fish and beans, as well as organic greens – and claims he’s helped 12 more families conceive.

Now, in a first for the social media star, he’s tried a new method of donating his ‘tadpoles’ – through in vitro fertilization (IVF) after being approached by a woman online.

Usually, he hands his sperm over to be used for artificial insemination or he has sex with the woman, which he previously said accounts for roughly 10 per cent of donations.

However, his latest donation is a first in that his sperm will be used to fertilise eggs and the resulting embryos will be frozen for a year until the woman is ready to have a baby.   

Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, is known online for his controversial career as a sperm donor and is the biological father of 49 children across the globe

Kyle with one of the children he helped conceived through sperm donation. He admitted many of the women he dated have not approved of his interest in donation 

‘She could’ve gone to the sperm bank if she wanted to, but she’d rather do it with me,’ Kyle said. 

‘She likes the fact she’s able to see me and talk to me, rather than being a random number on a vial.

‘Also, the procedure is very expensive, so at least she was able to save some money by getting me to donate for free.

‘I think she heard about me through the grapevine, but she said she really likes me and that she’s a doctor, which is great for me, as this shows she’s very well-educated.’

Kyle has operated through straight forward sperm donation, but this time around, he is doing it via in vitro fertilizations for the first time ever 

As he’s a self-proclaimed science fanatic, he was excited to go through the process and gain an understanding of how the treatment works.

However, there were many stages involved which he doesn’t usually do – such as cancerous tests and multiple phone calls.

He said: ‘I had to undergo a HTLV test, which I had never heard of before, which tests for a virus that can cause leukaemia and lymphoma.

‘This type of virus is spread by sharing syringes and needles or through blood transfusions and sexual contact.

 The serial sperm donor had to lie and pretend he was the woman’s boyfriend in order to go through the procedure

Kyle claims he consumes a high protein, organic diet in order to increase his fertility and the potency of his sperm 

In order to donate via IVF, Kyle had to undergo several tests, including cancerous tests, and pretending he was the woman’s boyfriend 

The donor, who started donating sperm for free in 2014, said he only wants to make people happy by donating his sperm 

‘Especially due to my hobby, as well as because this can transfer from mother to baby through birth or breast-feeding, it was important to have this done.

‘I had an initial phone consultation to discuss the logistics, where they told me I had to do my ‘business’ at a hotel, before donating to the clinic.

‘It’s quite uncomfortable to do this at a clinic, so I was pleased.

‘However, we had to lie and tell them we’ve been together for three months and that I’m doing this as a gift for her birthday.

‘In our emails and phone calls, we’re classed as in a relationship – as if we didn’t, this would have been so much more expensive.’

On 3 August, the eggs will be fertilised with Kyle’s sperm and the resulting embryos will be frozen for a year, until she’s ready to have a baby. 

Now, he plans on carrying out the process again in future to help families further – and has a few women already interested.

Kyle added: ‘I’ve spoken to a few more ladies who would like to do this with me, including a former Playboy playmate.

‘I would be happy to do whatever process, as long as it makes people happy and that’s what they want – I have no issues.’

Previously, he shared that despite being inundated with attention from women, he has struggled with dating.

He believes women only approach him because they want a baby and that many who are interested in a relationship, don’t agree with his hobby.

He said: ‘Unfortunately, most women aren’t interested in dating me.

‘Although I’ve had a few women interested in a possible relationship, it never goes anywhere – but if a special lady comes along, I’d be happy to indulge.

‘I have accepted my decision to donate sperm, but I’ve realized that my dating may never be the same as it once was.

‘If I really like them and we’re compatible, I possibly would give it up though.’

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