Sydney Sweeney showed viewers the “insane” process of putting on her fake pregnancy belly for “Euphoria” filming, which included having a full body cast molded to her body.

“This belly was insane,” the blond beauty, who portrays Cassie Howard on the HBO series, wrote on her Instagram Story Monday alongside a photo of her holding her “pregnant” belly.

“Had to do a full body cast so they could make the prosthetic belly,” the 24-year-old wrote alongside a photo of herself getting ready for the long process to make the bump.

“First layer of goop. Had to be very still,” Sweeney added, sharing a clip of someone covering her in blue paste.

“Then they basically paper macheted [sic] me. Once dried they cut me out of it! It was basically a wax job removing it.” 

She concluded, “Then they made the belly out of the mold, glue it to me, and paint it!”

Sweeney also shared a series of snaps from the episode, captioning the carousel post, “bts and baby bumps.”

The “bump” was debuted during Sunday night’s episode, however her character Cassie isn’t actually pregnant — at least that audience’s are aware of.

Her classmate, and new love interest, Nate — played by Jacob Elordi — had a dream while unconscious in the hospital about Cassie expecting a little one. He was beaten up at a party shortly after secretly hooking up with Cassie in a bathroom.

The “White Lotus” star previously hinted about what’s to come between Cassie and Nate.

“They’ve always had a friendship and a little bit of a flirt before we meet them in Season 1, hence why Jacob’s character had her nudes,” Sweeney told Decider last week.

“The attraction was…it’s Nate. She knows him. She’s also coming from a very low, lonely place. She’s drunk and she kind of goes on instincts instead of thoughts.”

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