“I’m not crying anymore but I’m still scared, I’m still shaking.”

Arden Cho revealed she was the target of a horrific racist attack on Wednesday.

The “Teen Wolf” actress took to her Instagram to detail the incident, claiming a man threatened to kill her and her dog as he called her a racial slur used against Asians.

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“This along with other obscenities were screamed at me when I was outside walking with my dog last night,” she wrote. “I haven’t been this scared in years, he was a couple feet away and started coming towards me. I grabbed Chewy and ran as fast as I could.”

“I’m not crying anymore but I’m still scared, I’m still shaking,” Cho continued. “I used to run at night, I haven’t ran in months. I still have to walk my dog, so I carry a knife when we go out at night. I know how to fight but I still don’t feel safe. I’m young & fit, I shouldn’t be scared but I am.”

Cho’s terrifying experience and the recent rise in attacks against Asian Americans reminded her of past childhood trauma.

“I’ve been kicked in the face till I was unconscious and hospitalized,” she explained. “I didn’t realize how much that incident shaped my life. How much fear I’ve always lived with.”

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In 2014, Cho spoke out about being attacked for her ethnicity while growing up in Texas, telling Mochi Magazine she was hospitalized twice for it.

“I was pushed off a bus. I had two teeth knocked out, a chipped tooth. I still wear a wire — my entire face was cut up. It was bad. It took me six months to completely recover.”

The dramatic spike in violence against Asian Americans has coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, causing experts to criticize Donald Trump and his former administration for fanning the flames by referring to COVID-19 as a “China virus” or “Wuhan virus.”

“Please, please #StopAsianHate I can’t breathe,” Cho captioned her Instagram post. “It feels like I’m 10 again & I’m being kicked to death… My mom called me & I couldn’t help but start crying again. She’s so scared to walk outside, even in the day time. I’m sorry mom. She wants me to be strong. So I’ll try. Please help us.”

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