For beauty lovers, the benefits of investing in one of the best makeup organizers go beyond the realms of cosmetics storage. In addition to aiding in the organization of your complexion, contouring, eye and lip essentials, these strategically designed devices also ensure the optimal usage of your favorite products by increasing their visibility on your vanity. Not to mention, they also free up space so you can expand your collection with new products, whether they be from the worlds of makeup, skin care, hair care or nail care.

Boasting aesthetically pleasing silhouettes that are both compact and sufficiently stocked with multi-compartment dividers, various tiers and tactical shelving, the best makeup organizers complement any room scheme without creating clutter thanks to their compact designs. Oftentimes made with acrylic or glass, their translucent materials make it easy to keep track of every piece in your collection. Plus, some include convenient swiveling bases and other innovative features that allow for easy navigation and access.

Below, explore the best makeup organizers that will elevate your beauty storage with their spacious, trend-inspired designs.

Fancii Gala Lighted Mirror

Perfect for the beauty lover who can never find the right lighting, the Fancii Gala Lighted Mirror comes stocked with four varying-sized storage compartments to hold your cosmetics essentials. Powered by LED lights, this rotating, smart touch mirror comes with adjustable light settings and a side mirror that delivers 10-times magnification.

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Fancii Gala Lighted Mirror$54Buy Now

Sorbus Makeup Storage Case

For the makeup maven with an extensive collection, the Sorbus Makeup Storage Case comes equipped to organize every component of your cosmetics regimen with its spacious and strategic design. Comprised of four large, rectangular draws, two small draws and a multi-compartment organizer, you can comfortably fit everything from palettes and compacts to makeup brushes and lipstick tubes in this top-rated makeup case.

Sorbus Makeup Storage Case$50Buy Now

AmeiTech 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

Whether you store your makeup in your bedroom or bathroom, the AmeiTech 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer‘s space-saving vertical design makes it the perfect addition to any countertop. Steadily resting on a rotating plate, this four-tier, multi-compartmented makeup organizer swivels so you can easily access your products while giving them visible placement so you don’t forget about them. 

AmeiTech 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer$50Buy Now

Dotted Line Cece Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Designed to suit any design scheme with its translucent acrylic material, the Dotted Line Cece Makeup Cosmetic Organizer perfectly stores your cosmetics, skin care and hair care products with its spacious seven-shelf design, which also includes various-sized compartments for tinier items.

Dotted Line Cece Makeup Cosmetic Organizer$35Buy Now

iDesign Onyx Cosmetic Carousel

For modestly sized makeup collections with products that are always in use, the iDesign Onyx Cosmetic Carousel allows for a customizable storage scheme with its removable dividers and multi-compartment design that boasts various sizes and depths to house everything in your routine. For added convenience, it also features two compact trays for extra storage and a 360-rotating spinner so you can access everything inside.

iDesign Onyx Cosmetic Carousel$30Buy Now

Zhiai Makeup Organizer

Available in six sizes, the Zhiai Makeup Organizer brightens up your vanity with its trend-inspired pink acrylic exterior while ensuring ample and easy-to-navigate storage for your makeup must-haves. With shelf space ranging from one to eight depending on the model you choose, there’s something to fit every sized collection.

Zhiai Makeup Organizer$22Buy Now

Urban Outfitters Francine Swivel Makeup Organizer Box

Not only does the Urban Outfitters Francine Swivel Makeup Organizer Box add a touch of glam to your space with its metallic finish, it also allows for the perfect makeup storage experience with its five-compartment design and rotating swivel feature.

Urban Outfitters Francine Swivel Makeup Organizer Box$44Buy Now

mDesign Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Built with 17 compartments to store everything from palettes and brushes to lipstick tubes and nail polish bottles, the mDesign Makeup Cosmetic Organizer is available in three colors and offers an easy-to-access design that displays everything inside.

mDesign Makeup Cosmetic Organizer$20Buy Now

Gosmoo MKT Makeup Organizer

Every beauty lover’s dream come true, the Gosmoo MKT Makeup Organizer comes stocked with four shelves, a spacious display tray that features a 180-degree sliding door and several compartments in varying sizes and depths to effortlessly store all of your cosmetics, skin care and hair care products, all without hogging up your precious counter space.

Gosmoo MKT Makeup Organizer$39Buy Now

Femeli Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

Stylishly housing your makeup tools with its perfectly polished design, the Femeli Makeup Brush Holder Organizer suits any bathroom counter or bedroom vanity aesthetic while creating a spacious storage scheme for your makeup brushes. It also doubles as a desk organizer for your office supplies as well.

FEMELI Makeup Brush Holder Organizer$23Buy Now

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