The Biggest Clue Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew Never Stopped Loving Each Other

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have one of the greatest love stories in the royal family. They first connected in the 80s, kick-starting a relationship that would endure, in one form or another, for thirty years. Although they have been divorced since 1996, recent reports indicate that the former couple could be planning to tie the knot for a second time.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s romantic history

Andrew is the third child born to Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip. In the 80s, he was well known as a “ladies man,” dating often and cultivating quite a reputation as a playboy. Things changed when he met Sarah, who was a good friend of Prince Andrew’s sister-in-law, Princess Diana. Andrew and Sarah were initially dating other people when they first crossed paths, but eventually, they fell for each other.

They got married in 1986, in a grand ceremony that was televised around the world. The public couldn’t get enough of the attractive pair, and the world’s media followed Sarah and Andrew’s every move. Long before Diana and Prince Charles, or Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, this royal couple was the one to watch. Celebrities like Nancy Reagan attended the ceremony, which featured Sarah’s fabulously lacy wedding gown and a 20-foot veil.

Why did Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew get divorced?

Although Sarah and Andrew seemed very much in love, problems started not long after their 1986 nuptials. In 1988, Sarah gave birth to the couple’s first child, Princess Beatrice. Reportedly, it was around this time that Sarah started to regret her hasty decision to marry into the royal family. Andrew had many commitments to the Royal Navy and spent many nights and days away from his pregnant wife. Sarah grew incredibly lonely and by the time the couple welcomed their second child, Princess Eugenie, in 1990, Sarah’s mind was all but made up.

At the time, not many royals got divorced, as it wasn’t seen as the “proper” thing to do, so at first, they just separated. However, in 1992, the royal family was rocked by an unprecedented scandal. Sarh was photographed topless with a businessman named John Bryan. To make matters even more embarrassing for the royals, Ferguson’s toes appeared to be in Bryan’s mouth. Shortly after the scandal was revealed, Sarah and Andrew moved forward with their divorce, making it final in 1996.

Could Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew remarry?

Even though the couple has been divorced since 1996, they are frequently seen together at various family events, looking happy and at ease in each other’s company. Sarah has even gone on record to state that they are still very good friends, and are completely united in life and family.

In fact, they seem so close, even after divorce, that there have been rumors for years about a possible rekindling of a romance between the pair. It’s telling that neither of them has ever spoken negatively about the other to the press, in spite of all the drama surrounding their divorce.

Recently, Sarah was photographed at a British bridal boutique, posing alongside a stunning wedding dress. The picture immediately sent the media into overdrive, with fans wondering if Sarah and Andrew could be planning an intimate, surprise wedding. An unnamed royal insider even claimed that the two were definitely back together and have been able to move past all their troubles and difficulties.

However, neither Sarah nor Andrew have given any public comment regarding the state of their relationship, and they aren’t likely to. The royal family is notoriously tight-lipped about intimate relationships and tend to not speak to the press at all.

Only time will tell if these two former flames find their way back to each other!

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