The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Eve Lom's Radiance Antioxidant Eye Cream, despite the $75 price tag. 

Plenty of eye creams de-puff, hydrate, brighten up dark circles, and smooth wrinkles — but finding one that can do all the above without feeling too greasy or pilling under makeup is damn near impossible.

The unavoidable pilling is why I only use eye cream at night, even though on some mornings, my under eye circles could use more than just some concealer. Recently, my friend coerced me into staying out late to watch the NBA Finals game. The next morning, my dark circles were extra prominent, so I decided to give using eye cream in the morning another go. 

I was using Eve Lom's Radiance Antioxidant Eye Cream in my nighttime routine for a month or so. Unlike many rich creams, it goes on like silk, leaving my under eye area smooth and bright. It also absorbs fairly quickly. The cream essentially is the perfect skin primer for makeup — and it proved it the following morning. While it won't make your under eye concealer stay on longer, the cream didn't pill under my makeup, and it made the entire area look bright and wide awake. I might not have felt alive as I got through the day, but I sure did look it. 

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So, what's the catch? A 15 mL jar costs a cool $75. That being said, as beauty editor cliché as it sounds, a tiny dab of it is all you need for both eyes. Plus, the look of well-rested skin is priceless, am I right? 



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