Sure, the last year has been an absolute dumpster fire, but I suppose there have been a fewwwww positives to riding out the quar. Who else threw it back to medieval times and learned how to make bread from scratch? Or did you spend one whole weekend mastering Beyoncé-level TikTok choreo? If you’ve been lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic (thank you, essential workers 🙏), you’ve likely found yourself with ample time on your hands and the desire to do something other than watch endless hours of Netflix.

Remember how in March 2020, all those jokes about using lockdown to “write the next great American novel” were circulating on Insta? I def had high hopes for what I would accomplish with all my free time…until reality set in and I remembered that ambitious projects like, I don’t know, becoming the Jane Austen of my generation, require a sh*t-ton of discipline.

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Enter: Write Day By Day, a tool designed to help you become a writer in just four weeks. Here’s how it works: For 30 days straight, you’ll receive prompts, exercises, tips, advice, and words of encouragement—all in the form of audio text messages—from coach Courtney Maum (a renowned novelist, NBD) that will get your creative juices flowing whether you’re a total beginner or a Jedi-level writer. Think of WDBD as a coach who lives inside your phone and exists solely to motivate you to finish your project, whether it’s a single short story or a TV pilot. Almost forgot to mention: It only costs $14.99.

So, yeah, this pandemic has been a complete nightmare but thanks to WDBD, you can pretend you’re on sabbatical and finally write that memoir/romance tale/self-help book you’ve been low-key dreaming of putting on paper. And the best part = you’ll have a profesh mentor right by your side in your pocket to cheer you on throughout the entire process.

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