Amidst of a stream of grizzly lawsuits, former attorney Tom Girardi is in some pretty hot water. Girardi, the ex-husband of pop music and reality television star Erika Jayne, was sued last year for embezzling over $2 million of funds intended for the victims of the 2018 Boeing Lion Air plane crash. As if that weren’t enough, he was subsequently sued by his business partner for not paying him up to $315 thousand that he was entitled to for his work.

All the legal chaos, on top of having to pay Erika Jayne spousal support, put Girardi’s law firm into bankruptcy in December. Now, Girardi’s trying to make some extra cash by auctioning off a number of items from the building of his now inactive law firm.

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The main purpose of Girardi’s impromptu auctioning is to pay off the creditors in which he owes quite a bit of money. But there’s a chance that the former attorney may be able to make enough to pay the bill with the luxurious pieces her selling through Three Sixty Asset Advisors.

The listing on the auction house’s website details the items up for grabs as, “the firm’s office furniture, business machinery and equipment, as well as furnishings and decorations comprised of art, oriental rugs, sports memorabilia, wine, music memorabilia, statues, vintage law (and other) books, a vintage piano, a Cadillac DTS and much more.”

The most notable item of the auction, which is said to take place either next month or in September, is a movie poster of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich. While it may be a simple poster to most, there’s a major deal of significance between Girardi and the film. If you’re aware of Erin Brockovich, you’d know that the plot was derived from the real life court case the water containment case that Girardi’s firm won in 1993.

The onslaught of legal misconduct has resulted in Girardi losing his law practicing license in March. Currently, he’s under the conservatorship of his younger brother Robert Girardi.

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The whole scandal was the subject of a recent Hulu documentary called The Housewife and the Hustler. It’s also been a reoccurring topic of conversation in Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which ex-wife Erika Jayne is a cast member.

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