Christian Jones took it badly when his creepy chat-up lines failed on his attractive new neighbour.

He vowed to stab and rape Nikita Rogers and even threatened her two young children.

Police finally arrested the stalker when he tried to break into the 25-year-old single mum’s home in the middle of the night.

But Jones, 29, has been put in a mental hospital just a third of a mile away – and is let out for two to three hours a day.

Terrified Nikita sobbed: “I’m convinced he will kill me.

“I’ve bumped into him at the local shop. I went out in the garden after the court case as I thought I was finally safe and saw him in the street staring at me. It was a look of pure evil.

“The authorities need to move him. It feels like I’m the one being punished though I’m the victim. I took him to court but he’s on my doorstep. Where’s the justice?”

Nikita’s nightmare began when Jones moved into a second-floor flat overlooking her house in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

“He tried to be nice at first saying, ‘You’re gorgeous’ and flirting with me,” Nikita said. “One day I went for a cigarette in leopard-print shorts. He shouted, ‘Easy tiger, if you come out in those shorts, I’ll rip them off you’. He was so creepy, I was terrified.”

When she shunned him, Jones threatened to rape her in public. He lunged at her three-year-old daughter screaming he would feed her to the sharks.

Petrified Nikita lost five stone over four months as crazed Jones followed her to shops and threw a glass at her two-year-old son.

She says she called police over 30 times before he was finally arrested on May 3 for trying to break into her house with a crowbar.

The next day, he pleaded not guilty to harassment. A court granted bail, but sectioned him and he was placed in local Atherleigh Park Hospital.

“Friends and family kept telling me they had seen him,” Nikita said. “But I didn’t believe them. Then I saw him in a shop. I screamed.”

Jones changed his plea to guilty when he faced the harassment charge at Wigan ­magistrates court last Monday. But despite a long criminal record he was handed a jail term of 26 weeks, suspended for two years.

At the time he started harassing Nikita, Jones was on probation after being jailed for 26 weeks for breaching a restraining order last September.

Prosecutor Steve Woodman said Jones had a record of 82 offences and 42 convictions, including five for breaching restraining and non-molestation orders, and jail terms for harassment and attempted robbery. “This clearly shows a propensity to commit offences of a similar nature,” he said.

Nikita has begged Wigan Council to rehouse her.

“My house is a fortress. I have five locks and bolts on my front door and three on my back door.

“My little girl still asks, ‘Mummy is the bad man going to take me?’ I reassure her, but I’m lying as he’s just down the road.

“I’ve seen him with a kitchen knife and he’s made his hand into a gun and pretended to shoot me and made a slashing sign across his neck. His lawyer told the court he’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and ADHD, but I don’t believe he’s crazy. He’s evil.

“I used to be bubbly and outgoing. Now I’m a nervous wreck. He is a monster who’s ruined my life. And he’s got away with it.”

Greater Manchester Police said: “We remanded Jones in custody overnight so he couldn’t go near the victim. But the court released him on bail, which means they impose the conditions such as where he lives.”

The Crown Prosecution Service said: “The judge made an indefinite restraining order to restrict the defendant’s access to the victim ahead of the trial.” Government agencies have been quick to pass the buck as to who is to blame for housing Jones so near his victim.

The Ministry of Justice said: “If he has been sectioned then this is a matter for the Department of Health, as the Ministry of Justice would not choose the hospital.”

The Department of Health refused to comment. Nikita is now backing the Sunday People’s campaign to help better protect stalking victims.

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